Everything You Need To Know About The Fire at Changi Airport T2 in 60 Secs


Yesterday was a pretty bad day for Singapore, especially if you were taking a flight out or landing at Terminal 2. 

A fire broke out and the whole terminal had to be evacuated and shut down. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the fire that took place at Changi Airport Terminal 2 yesterday.

1. Fire Alarm Activated at 5.40 pm Due to Smoke

Image: Facebook (Leong Tar Boon)

At 5.40pm, the fire alarm at Changi Airport Terminal 2 was activated. The entire terminal was evacuated, and the Changi Airport Emergency Service and SCDF went onsite.

Passengers of planes which landed at terminal 2 were evacuated onto the tarmac of the terminal.

Shuttle buses were directed to ferry the waiting passengers to terminal 3 at 15 minutes intervals. 

Image: channelnewsasia.com

A passenger who landed at Changi Airport T2 at 6.05pm only boarded the shuttle bus at 9.15 pm. She estimated that there were still around 80 to 100 passengers left waiting on the tarmac when she left. 

2. About 40 Flights Were Affected in the Incident

Image: Facebook (Hui Ying Lin)

Changi Airport diverted all flights to terminal 3 while terminal 2 remained closed.

Traffic to T2 was blocked off, and long jams were built up at the airport by travellers who were diverted to other terminals, especially terminal 3. 

Passengers were advised by the airport that about 40 flights have been affected, and were told to check the flight information screens in the terminal or the Changi Airport website for flight details. 

3. A Small Fire Broke Out in a Room Containing Air-Conditioning Equipment

Changi Airport announced that the source of fire was identified at 6.45pm. However, in the interest of public safety, they held off operations until the SCDF gave the all-clear at 10 p.m.

Image: channelnewsasia.com

They announced on their Twitter account that flight operations will “resume progressively”, starting with arriving flights.

At 12.15 am, Straits Times reported that the flights scheduled to touch down at the terminal had all landed. The departure hall, on the other hand, has yet to resume operations.

4. Reportedly, 9 People Require Medical Assistance


Changi Airport said that two people were taken to the hospital for observation after they approached staff for medical assistance, while another four were brought to the clinic at T3.

SCDF has also said separately that three people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. 

5. Terminal Has Since Resumed Normal Operations

Changi Airport announced that normal operations will resume at 3 am on 17 May 2017 (Wednesday) and the next flight departing from T2 will be IndiGo 6E54 at 5.40 am. 

A brief look at their website showed that flight operations have resumed at T2. For passengers looking to check on their flight statuses, you can do so here.

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Feature Image: Facebook (Leong Tar Boon)

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