Everything You Need To Know About Thumbprint Scanning For Car Travellers At Tuas & Woodlands Checkpoints

Always driving into Malaysia in your car? Then I’ve got really bad news for you.

Because the (already crazy) jam at the checkpoints is going to get even crazier.

Here’s why.

Car drivers and passengers required to do thumbprint scanning at checkpoints.

Image: channelnewsasia.com

On 25 Sep 2017, local news media reported that ICA is bringing thumbprint scanning to car travellers as well in a bid to keep track of people coming in and out of Singapore.

Before this, all you got to deal with when driving on the roads are the sheer number of cars in front of you.

Getting through the checkpoint is a breeze if you discount the traffic jam. Gather everybody’s passports and pass it to the ICA officer at the booth.

You can probably clear the checkpoint within 5 minutes.

But this is going to change soon.

Every traveller in the car is required to leave the car and scan their thumbprints

Image: channelnewsasia.com

According to ICA, this is how the new process is going to be like. Every traveller aged 6 and above must alight from the car and present their own passports.

They’ll have to scan the thumbprints on both hands into the system, BioScreen, as well.

Only after that is done for every passenger in the vehicle (aged 6 and above) can the car continue the journey.

So be prepared to spend even more time waiting at the checkpoints.

Remember the 5 minutes I was talking about? Just add another 5 to 10 minutes to the clearance process.

Then multiply that by the number of cars in front of you.

Image: imgflip

The BioScreen system was already launched at the checkpoints for trains and buses travellers since April last year.

ICA said that security at Singapore’s checkpoints is ICA’s most important priority and the BioScreen system will help ICA verify travellers’ identities even better.

All I got to say is I hope the machines at the car checkpoints are better than the ones we currently have (for Singapore passports automatic clearance gantries) or car drivers are screwed.

For those who decided to screw cars and travel via buses

After hearing all that, I won’t blame you if you decided to ditch your car in Singapore and just make your way there via public transport.

If you wish to travel to City Square via bus, you can take the MRT to Kranji MRT Station and take buses 160 or 170.

There’s also a Causeway link bus service at Kranji MRT to bring you through the checkpoint.

If you wish to travel to Bukit Indah, take the MRT to Jurong East MRT Station and take the Causeway Link bus through the Tuas Checkpoint.

The ticket will cost you $4.


And for those who are wondering why Bukit Indah? They have the only A&W store in the entire JB. #ForthosewhocantwaitforSGA&WtoOpen

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