This Uber/Grab Car Used a ‘Monash University’ Sticker to Cover His Decal #LikeaBoss

In yet another episode of viral article serial ‘He was forced to paste a Decal to show that he’s a Private-Hire driver but he felt so ashamed of it that he had to think up a way to cover it so that his date doesn’t ditch him and then they could go and have some fun time later’, we explore the next hot topic.

Monash University stickers.

Now, how did this sticker come into play?

According to the sticker, Bryan, it had supposedly been stuck right on top of a Decal, because the driver was too ‘embarrassed to let people know that he/she’s driving an Uber.”

Alright it’s just speculation, but Bryan is likely to be saying the truth.

Because well, there’s evidence.

Image: Hardwarezone Forums

Can’t see what’s wrong. Okay, I zoom for you.

Image: Hardwarezone Forums

PHV or Innocent?

Hardwarezone user derp2806 had posted the picture (above) on 24 September 2017, alongside a caption that read,”why must liddat? monash you pay too low? manure fan not enough glory?”

After that, a group of forum members huddled together to discuss the all important question: is it legit?

Some doubted the validity of the post.

Image: Hardwarezone
Image: Hardwarezone

Some questioned whether derp2806 was being a bit over-sensitive.

Image: Hardwarezone

And some blasted derp2806 for being a ‘Bao Toh King’ (the tattle-mouth in your class that tells the teacher Paul had been kissing Alice in a closet on the 4th floor)

Image: Hardwarezone
Image: Hardwarezone

It was all put to rest, however, when a masked hero emerged with a detailed investigation report that could give P.I.s a run for their money.

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It’s unclear how accurate the details are, but netizens didn’t visibly question it, and the original poster, derp2806, even attached it to his original post.

Apparently, there is trusty LTA site that checks on a vehicle’s particulars for you, including the car’s Private Hire Scheme status.

And after doing a quick check of my own, I reached the same answer as alchemist_acid.

Whoever the driver is, well…

Good luck bro.


Poster derp2806 was kind enough to explain why the act of covering a PDVL up was wrong. And he even included the consequences.

Image: Hardwarezone

In my own words, this guy die die want the driver to die sia.

Monash University

Can’t fault the driver for not trying though. It actually looked pretty legitimate.

In fact, it actually fooled some of the forum users, as can be seen above.

It’s just too bad that a certain hawk-eyed derp had caught sight of it.

And then there’s this.

Image: Hardwarezone

Friendly warning

To Private-Hire drivers:

Humans might have a tendency to ‘test systems’, because they are technically hard-wired to take the easy route.

But there might come a time when it’s just not smart to test it anymore.

On top of LTA’s vicious crackdown on drivers (23 drivers were apprehended just a while back), there are also your fellow Singaporeans stabbing you in the back, so honestly, it’s pretty much all done and set.

Maybe you should just suck thumb and accept the Decal as a permanent decoration for your car (until you quit being a Private-Hire driver, anyway). If you look at it long enough, you will find that, “Eh? Actually not so bad looking ah? I can live with it.”

So perk up, drivers. Having a Decal stuck on your car doesn’t mean the end of the world. Your date won’t mind it (probably). Instead of moping around, why not have a blast?

And by the way, you would have realized we blurred out the car plate number. That is only for one reason: we believe in a second chance.

Just…go and make things right again lah, Opel driver who graduated from Monash University.

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Featured Image: Hardwarezone Forums