Everything About The New Rental Rules for HDB in 60 Sec

Singapore is tightening its housing laws once again. If you happen to rent your house to other people, then this may concern you, especially if you have a slew of tenants living under one roof.

These new rental rules are to tackle the current overcrowding debacle that many residents are facing—remember when 100 people reportedly were staying at a shophouse?

The new revisions

From 1 May, the occupancy cap for 4-room and larger HDB flats will be 6 people as opposed to 9 people which is the current maximum.

Living quarters in commercial properties will also be affected by the new revisions, as the occupancy cap will be reduced from 8 people to 6 people.

FYI, the occupancy includes the flat owners as well—basically the number of people living in the HDB flat.

For rental cases before 1 May 2018, the revised cap will only apply upon renewal of the arrangement or if there is a change of tenants.

Flat owners will also be required to seek HDB’s approval before the start of the tenancy, ensuring eligibility conditions are met.

Here is a succinct table on the occupancy for HDB flats:

Image: hdb.gov.sg

If you have any queries, you can always contact the HDB Branch Service Line, between 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. at 1800-225-5432.

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