Everything About S’pore Flyer’s Temporary Closure in 60 Sec


The Singapore flyer’s many things: breathtaking, height-defying and perhaps even romantic. Incidentally, my buddy in NS claimed to confess to his crush there, and halfway through she actually teared up.

Well, what can I say? Gotta be the power of the Singapore flyer. And in case you’re wondering, they got together after that.

But wait, my fellow hot-blooded guy friends. Before you whip out your phone and text your crush for a date at the Singapore flyer, I’m afraid you have to know this:

The Singapore flyer’s down, and it’s unclear when it will be reopen to the public.

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Hey chill bro. Just because your confession worked at the flyer doesn’t necessarily mean that it will last forever.

But that’s a story for another time.

What exactly happened?

The Singapore Flyer will stay closed today, after a technical glitch forced the attraction to halt services yesterday (25 Jan) afternoon.

According to The Straits Times, a spokesman for the flyer said that all 61 passengers on board were “brought to the ground safely when the incident occurred at about 9am”.

It’s unclear when the public will be reopened to the public.

“Until we have more clarity on the technical issue, we continue to suspend flight operations,” said the spokesman.

She interjected that the Flyer was “working closely with the authorities and specialist professional engineers to discover the cause of the technical issue.”

“We have informed affected passengers to contact us or our travel partners with any questions related to the cancellation of their flights,” said the spokesman.

Image: Straits Times / Desmond Wee
Image: Straits Times / Desmond Wee

Latest updates

Singapore Flyer has posted an update on Facebook, stating it would be conducting “a thorough check before resuming the flights”.

Additionally, it has also requested for affected guests to contact their Customer Service team at +65 6333 3311 from (GMT +8) 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. for assistance.

Image: Singapore Flyer Facebook Page

You can check their page for the latest update.

Despite the technical difficulties, it seems that the Singapore Civil Defence Force did not need to intervene.


It’s not the first time the flyer broke down

In December 2008, a fire erupted in the wheel control room, causing 173 passengers to be stuck for roughly six hours.

In July 2010, the Flyer was closed down and more than 200 passengers evacuated after lightning reportedly “struck one of the electrical cables that supplied power to the air-conditioning systems”.

The flyer, which is 165m tall and boasts a diameter of 150m, was officially launched in 2008. It was the world’s tallest Ferris wheel until the 167.6 m High Roller, which is 2.6 m taller than the Flyer, opened on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada, US, on 31 March 2014.

Well folks, I guess the Singapore flyer’s a no-go for now. 

Meanwhile, let’s just wish it a speedy recovery for the sake of the view-seekers, as well as the love struck guys and girls who are looking for a romantic place to clinch that date.

Image: Imgflip

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Featured image: The Straits Times / Desmond Wee