F1 Car With Driver inside Suddenly Burst into Flames at Pitstop As It Was Too Hot

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The long-awaited Singapore Grand Prix has finally commenced, but the Formula One (F1) races and stage performances aren’t the only events you’ll be catching at Marina Bay.

Don’t say I never jio. Instead of going to West Coast Park to barbecue, why not head down to Marina Bay instead?


Consider yourself warned though, because this isn’t your conventional barbecue.

F1 driver Pierre Gasly’s car burst into flames yesterday, with the 26-year-old AlphaTauri driver still inside the car.

The driver remarked that he had “a bit of barbecue feeling” when it happened.

Here’s what went down.

BBQ le

When Pierre Gasly’s AT03 was being rolled back into the garage after his run in the middle of the second practice session, it burst into flames with the AlphaTauri driver still inside.


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The fire could be seen around the airbox above the cockpit.


Cue the viral “BBQ le” TikTok audio.

From the video, the Frenchman is seen to quickly jump up and out of the cockpit. Fortunately, he emerged unscathed.

The AlphaTauri crew, with the help of a mechanic from the rival Aston Martin team nearby, rushed to douse the flames with a fire extinguisher. The damaged area was taped up afterwards by the AlphaTauri team.

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Gasly later came back out to complete his practice.

Guess it’s just another day as an F1 driver…

Speaking to media outlets after practice, Gasly revealed that the car “got slightly hot when we connected the fuel breather, caught fire, but we could switch it off and restart again.”

When asked if this was a concern going into the qualifying race on Saturday, Gasly responded that it happened in Singapore’s conditions because of how warm it is, and assured that there is “nothing worrying or concerning for the rest of the weekend”.

The AlphaTauri driver also expressed that he loved being back in Singapore given that the Grand Prix has been absent from the calendar since 2019.

Aw, he misses us just as much as we missed them. 

However, he also noted that his level of performance thus far has not been satisfactory, and that “it seems to be a little bit more difficult here”.

Gasly however, remains hopeful. He added that “thing is, shouldn’t look too much at the Championship and more like take it race by race and try to do the best job we can”.

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