Facebook’s Latest ‘Snooze’ Function Will Save Your Social Life. Here’s How (and Why)


Do you have that annoying colleague who shares 50 fake news a day?

Or some stupid relatives’ kids writing puberty posts? (Eg: Ermagerd, nobardy loves meh)

Image: knowyourmeme.com

If so, I believe I have some good news for you.

Facebook launched a new feature recently, allowing you to “snooze” a person or a page. Basically, it’s like a mute function. After “snoozing” a person or a page, you will not see any posts from them for a period of time.

Yes, you’ll argue that Facebook already has a function for that, the unfollow button but that’s permanent.

Who knows, you might just want to shut that person up for a while instead of a lifetime. Maybe.

This will give users more control over the content they see in their newsfeed, without unfollowing or unfriending someone.


Gee, I’m glad Facebook understands the political game pretty well. After all, I wouldn’t want to unfriend my manager who’s frantically posting pictures of her newborn baby! (We get it that you have a baby. You don’t have to post 621 pictures a day, you know)

Here’s how you do it.

Just click the 3 dots at the top right-hand corner of any post and you’ll see this drop-down menu.

Next, proceed to shut this person up for the next 30 days by pressing “Snooze (name) for 30 days”!

Image: Facebook.com

Uhh, yeah. 30 days.

I don’t think there’s like, an option for 3 days or something.


I think it’s a great thing that the effects of the snooze will disappear automatically after 30 days (which means you don’t have to un-snooze a person manually), but isn’t 30 days a little long? Whatever happened to 3 days or a week?

Well, it’ll definitely take more than 30 days for my manager’s baby to grow into a teenager that hates his parents, but that doesn’t mean I want to avoid her posts completely for 30 days!

Imagine this scenario:

Manager: Hey, did you guys see my video last night?

Colleague A: Haha yeah, that was funny!

Colleague B: How did you do that sia!

Me: (Think fast, brain!)

Me:…uh, potato.

Image: redbubble.net

Hellooooooo, unemployment my old friend.

Anyway, I’m glad that Facebook is giving their users more control over what they want to see on their newsfeed.

(Let’s just hope that the now “empty” spots won’t be replaced by ads or something)

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