2 S’pore Restaurants Quarrelled on Facebook ‘Coz of…Black Magic


If you’ve watched Holland V before, you would have known of the fierce rivalry between the neighbour Nasi Lemak shops. Although spoiler alert: they get together in the end.

But who ever knew that a rivalry like that could be present in real life?

Murtabak restaurants Singapore Zam Zam and Victory in North Bridge Road sit right next to each other…

Image: ST File

But they are not exactly on good terms… with a history of “competitive touting”, “aggressive expansion” and even a “slashing”.

That wasn’t the end of the saga either, with yet another episode in the ongoing series.

This time, it’s black magic.

On Sunday (19 November), Singapore Zam Zam uploaded two CCTV videos on its Facebook page showing men throw a seemingly powdery substance in the area outside the two restaurants.


The restaurant also used the phrase “black magic” in the posts.

The video has since been taken down, but collected more than 91,000 views, 300 shares and 40 comments during its run.

Victory responded on its Facebook page on Monday (20 November), saying that employees were spreading insect repellant powder in front of their restaurant, and “no one else’s”.

Image: Victory Restaurant Facebook Page

When The New Paper reached out to the restaurant, a staff member, 65-year-old Rashid Rahman, elaborated:

“What can we do if they want to say such things? We did not put it at their shop, and there was certainly no black magic involved.”

Singapore Zam Zam’s side of the story

The New Paper also contacted Singapore Zam Zam for their views, and the restaurant’s manager, Zakir Khan, explained that the reason behind the derogatory post was to discourage Victory from scattering such power as it “disrupted operations”.

“They say its at just their shop but every day for the past week there is powder near our shop. It’s not nice to see and not hygienic.”

So is it really black magic, as they say?

Mr Zakir doesn’t seem to think so, but he clarified that he had used the term in the post to tell Victory that they have to stop.

“I don’t believe all this black magic, but the powder can get into my food, so I said that for them to stop.”

Why publish on social media, when you can just take a 10 second walk to their outlet and tell them?

Apparently, it’s because the managements of the two restaurants aren’t on talking terms.


This wasn’t the first public bust up

Aside from more subtle digs like touting and expansions, the two restaurants also shared a slashing case that grew quite big in its time.


According to The New Paper, a court heard that Singapore Zam Zam owner Mr Zackeer Abbass Khan had reportedly “hired a secret society gangster to slash Victory Restaurant supervisor Liakath Ali Mohamed Ibrahim.”

The incident left Mr Liakath with a 7cm scar cut over his right upper lip, which extended to his right cheek.

The culprit, 23-year-old Joshua Navindran Surainthiran, was sentenced to 6½ years’ jail and six strokes of the cane for the slashing as well as other crimes last year.

It wasn’t all bad

Incredible as it may sound, the two restaurants were actually on talking terms before. In fact, they could even be described as chummy, celebrating festivals together.

Yeah, a real shocker, isn’t it? Makes you wonder what the hell happened in between for things to have progressed to such a stage.

But I have a feeling that they won’t tell us in person.


Unless it’s a Facebook post insinuating that it’s the OTHER party.

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