133 NTUC FairPrice Outlets to Remain Open During CNY; 40 Will Open 24 Hours

To all the shoppers scrambling to gather together their snacks, drinks, and ingredients just in time for the Lunar New Year, amidst the busy spring cleaning and hectic work lives…

Take a deep breath and wipe away the sweat on your foreheads, because your ever-reliant saviours called NTUC FairPrice Supermarkets are here to save the day.

Stores Remaining Open on Lunar New Year

In light of the Lunar New Year festivities, 133 NTUC FairPrice stores across the island-state will continue to be operational during the first day of the Lunar New Year (1 Feb) to ensure that you can grab the last products you might have forgotten during your previous shopping sprees.

40 of these stores will remain open for 24 hours, 91 of the stores will close at 5pm, whereas the stores at Changi Jewel and Balmoral Plaza will operate as per usual, closing at 11pm and 10pm respectively.

On the Eve of the Lunar New Year (31 Jan), 117 stores will remain open until 5pm while FairPrice on Wheels will close at 2pm.

Additionally, 33 stores will remain open for 24 hours to cater to any and all last-minute shopping needs.

Remember to take note of the timings and the places, lest you find yourself helpless in front of closed silver railings while dragging a shopping cart behind.

But if you’re rushing to those 24-hour stores at the dead of night, don’t hold your breath on finding any abalones or quail eggs, those products disappear faster than free tissues being distributed along the walking pavement.

Similarly, FairPrice Online will conduct its deliveries between 8am to 6pm during the Lunar New Year period from 31 Jan to 2 Feb.

Its regular delivery timing will resume on 3 February.

Operations at all stores will also resume for business as usual on the second day of the Lunar New Year (2 Feb).

For more details on which stores are remaining open, or the working hours of the supermarkets closest and most convenient to you, visit NTUC FairPrice’s website at  http://www.fairprice.com.sg/events/in-store/cny-hours.

To just sweeten the deal and really ensure that you have everything you need, NTUC FairPrice even has a list of available festive offerings that you can find here.

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Therefore, there’s no need for any pushing or shoving to hoard the goods when NTUC FairPrice has got you covered on the busiest of days.

Make sure to abide by COVID-19 safety protocols too, and stay safe during the hustle and bustle of the approaching New Year festivities!

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Featured Image: Heng Lim / Shutterstock.com