Another Case of Multiple Fake Cash Food Delivery to a Single Address, This Time to an Abandoned Flat

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Back in the days when not wearing masks outside would lead to online abuse and a court case, fraudulent food delivery orders were a thing.

Then, a loan shark used it as a harassment tactic to get money back from a debtor.

Well, it’s 2022 and you no longer need to wear masks when in outdoor settings but fraudulent food delivery orders are still happening.

Goody Feed’s fat blue cat be wondering why this never happened to him.

Another Case of Multiple Fake Cash Food Delivery to a Single Address, This Time to an Abandoned Flat

On 7 May 2022, Singapore Instagram Page SgfollowsAll uploaded an eight-second video clip onto the social media platform.

It shows five food delivery riders at a lift landing with packets of food.

A GrabFood bag was spotted on one of the bicycles.


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A post shared by SgfollowsAll (@sgfollowsall)

The group of food delivery riders were spotted looking at a pile of receipts on the ground.

Someone was also heard asking if the food delivery orders are all for the same user.

Fake Orders

According to the caption of the post, the incident took place at Blk 115 in Woodlands.

When the riders got to the address, there was no response from within the home. Ultimately, they had to cancel the food orders.

You can read the caption in full below:

“Hi there
I’m a FoodPanda Rider
Yesterday me and a few FoodPanda Riders went to a unit at BLK 115 Woodlands UNIT NO. 04-388 and when we went to the unit, no one responded and we were supposed to collect cash… In the end, all of us had to cancel the job because of fake orders”

Food Didn’t Go To Waste

Within the comment section of the Instagram post, a user claimed to be the one who had submitted the video.

He went into greater detail and mentioned that there was no response from the unit even after 10 minutes.

The riders managed to get in contact with FoodPanda and were allowed to keep the food for themselves:


“In the end, all of our orders got cancelled and we were all allowed to keep the food that we collected.”

The user also discounted the possibility that the homeowner had wanted the delivery riders to get free food.

The orders were cash orders and the owner couldn’t be contacted for payment.

“We don’t think so, because all of it were cash orders… And we were all supposed to collect cash… but when we went to unit, no one answered the door so we had no choice but to inform FoodPanda about it so FoodPanda just told all of us to keep the order since customer could not be contacted or located to collect cash.”

Fake Food Delivery Orders Isn’t Just A Prank

Even back as far as 2020, fake food delivery orders were a problem.

A loan shark ordered S$800 worth of food deliveries for a debtor in Hougang and left the bill hanging back in April 2020.

In 2021, a food delivery rider took to the internet to highlight how fake food orders made their lives harder.

And a prankster reportedly ordered a whole roasted pig for a Malay man in Tampines.


Now, if you’re thinking of doing it to raise your street cred among your friends, or for April’s Fool in 2023, don’t.

Such cases are serious and the police had investigated these fake food orders before.

Be considerate to both the food delivery riders and the food recipients.

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