Fann Wong‘s Husband Christopher Lee Stays Clear Of Other Women; Married For 10 Years

You know what they always say; marriage is only the beginning of a new life with your partner.

It’s easy to keep the romance fresh at the start of a new relationship. But to make it last?

It takes a whole lot of compromising, commitment and consistency.

Given how this year just seem to be the year of break-ups for celebrities, we might have lost all hopes in believing in love again.

But wait! Don’t give up hope just yet. Let me show you that there are still celebrity couples that are still going strong.

One very good example?

Bufflord95 and PrettyGirl99.

Oh sorry, not that.


Christopher Lee and Fann Wong.

Compromising, Commitment and Consistency


In the love dictionary of Christopher Lee, there is no such thing as all talk no action. He understands that he has to pull himself together in order to maintain family harmony.

How does he do so? He stated that he will “never be dining or out alone with another woman unless it’s for work” no matter where he is.

After his marriage, Lee made the conscious effort to alter his habits to ensure that he doesn’t have the chance to cause misunderstanding on his wife’s part.

This is admirable, considering that he likes to socialise. I mean, giving up an aspect of your social life for your family? That’s definitely a sign that a guy knows where his priorities lie.

See how he has compromised his social life, commits to making sure his wife feels secure, and consistently make sure he never dines with another woman one-on-one?

That’s probably the key to a successful marriage right there. Of course, understandably, some might not agree with this notion. It’d all depend on relationship dynamics, which differs across couples.

It Takes Two To Keep It Going

His wife, Fann, agreed that his actions were very thoughtful. According to her, when Lee was working in Taiwan previously, he would video-call her to tell her his itinerary for the day right after he has woke up and brushed his teeth.

I bet if every guy does this, the rates of celebrities divorcing would be dropping.

Of course, a marriage takes two to happen. Not to forget, Fann has her role to play as well. While she might not demonstrate such thoughtful actions to Lee outwardly, she does compromise in other ways.

One example would be that she doesn’t get uptight if her husband has to shoot intimate scenes for his shows. She respects his devotion to his work, as she has been in the industry long enough to adapt to the demands.

Yup, even if it means all the sizzling love scenes he’ll be acting in. But hey, let’s not discount the fact that they have played on-screen lovers a few times. One of the most notable ones was Return Of The Condor Heroes (1998) and of course the most recent Doppelganger.

Marking The 10-year Marriage

Image: Facebook (Fann Wong)

As they cross their 10-year mark, Fann believes that heart-to-heart talk is essential to “upgrade” their marriage.

On the other hand, she has to “downgrade” her career, to balance between her career and the time spent with her five-year-old son, Zed. She is now more selective over what jobs she chooses to pick up.

Which could explain why you’re seeing less or her on TV.

Lee admirably pays tribute to her sacrifices, stating that it wasn’t easy for Fann to conceive. He even tried to reduce the pressure on her by saying that he did not want kids anymore in the early days of their marriage.

However, with the birth of Zed, it has taken the pressure away from her to look good in public. Fann cared less about her clothes and she was even lazy to change her bag. Who would have noticed? She is still as beautiful as before.

Overall, they are happy with the way things are in their marriage. There wouldn’t be a second child, sorry to burst your bubble.

After all, can you believe that Fann Wong is now 48 years old?

Anyways, does this give you hope to believe in love again? It sure does for me.