#FastFoodFriday: Mac ‘N Cheese Original Recipe Burger Review: Fat On Fat On Fat Action Doesn’t Mesh Well


Fried chicken and Mac and Cheese.

Classic comfort and cheat day food that will make your day better.

Image: Giphy

What happens if you combine them together?

Combine these two together, and you’ll get…

Wait a min, don’t cheat me. You think I don’t know last time y’all already put out a fried chicken + Mac and cheese??

The Feb 2019 version. / Image: Facebook (KFC)

And in Oct 2019… instead of Zinger, we get the Original Recipe version.

Image: KFC Singapore

The February 2019 version sparked joy in George, but we do have to question: Why change the fried chicken patty + 2 mac and cheese patty + turkey bacon formula?

They removed the turkey bacon and then swapped one mac and cheese for two buns.

To be fair, though George liked that enough to give it a 4/5, if I were to write that I would have given it 2.5/5 instead.

Because the old Mac N Cheese Zinger was more suitable to be eaten separately. Fried Mac N Cheese on its own, fried chicken on its own.

It’s a simple question: do you like to max your flavour intensity into one full fat bomb explosion, or do you prefer to have a balanced taste?

So it would appear that disappointingly, the new Mac N Cheese Original Recipe is skewing towards the balance side.

… Or if you’re skeptical, the cheapo side since I assume the Mac N Cheese patties + bacon are cheaper than one bun. (Though it should also be mentioned that Mac N Cheese Zinger was $7.50 à la carte while Mac N Cheese OR is $6.30.)

Taste Test

The construction of the burger looks solid:


Look like proposal hor?

While the cross-section looked like it had the proportions done good, it seemed to reveal a problem here.

Look carefully…


Yeah, the Mac N Cheese looks kinda dry.

And I don’t know about you, but in my mind, cheese is a lot oozier.

So you think, maybe it’s not that bad! Looks don’t matter! It’s the inside that counts!

And I can only say that you’ll be disappointed.

Quite conflicting in the mouth, since the original recipe and mac and cheese are contesting for my taste buds to notice.

Flavours don’t mesh well together, with their fat on fat on fat action, turning it into an experience akin to chugging a can of oil with a big pinch of salt. It’s like watching two contestants going on stage at the same time trying to get the attention of Simon Cowell in a talent show, and then turning it into a fistfight.


Today’s original recipe also seemed unusually salty, which I don’t know whether it’s attributed to the burger.

As for the Mac N Cheese…

Image: Imgflip

Or maybe it’s not that bad. On its own, the Mac N Cheese patty is actually kind of nice, kinda like eating a pasta version of Cheetos. It’s just a tad dry, but very noticeably dry when you eat it together with the other ingredients as a burger.

I think even George might be a bit disappointed, just simply based on the fact that it wasn’t a double Mac N Cheese patty.

Rating: 2/5