Faye Wong’s Daughter Proves She Inherited Music Genes From Parents in Duet with Karen Mok

The internet is extra critical of nepotism babies.

Sometimes, when the children of celebrities try to make it big, people are sceptical as to whether their fame is pure talent, or just by proxy.

However, there are some occasions where nepo-babies actually have what it takes to stand on their own two feet.

Take Faye Wong’s daughter Leah Dou for example. In a recent duet with Hong Kong pop icon Karen Mok, 26-year-old Leah impressed netizens with her vocals.

Faye Wong’s Daughter Proves She Inherited Music Genes From Parents in Duet with Karen Mok

On a recent episode of the Chinese talent show Infinity and Beyond, they sang “Tian Hei Hei (Cloudy Day)” by award-winning Singaporean singer-songwriter Stefanie Sun.

You can listen to their moving duet here:

It’s got to be intimidating to perform with the Karen Mok, someone with such an impressive and extensive tenure in the Asian music industry.

However, Leah showed through her vocal talent that she belonged on stage.

Donned in black, the two singers crooned the melancholic melody.

While initially sitting on a chair a bit further behind Karen, who was standing at the stage-front, Leah got up and stood next to her around two minutes into the performance, causing cheers to erupt.

The two singers shared a smile of mutual respect and continued the song.

Both the show’s host He Jiong and Chinese singer Jason Zhang, who appeared on that episode as a guest, expressed that the performance was so moving that it had brought them to tears.

Who is Leah Dou?

Leah is the daughter of renowned singer Faye Wong and musician Dou Wei.

Faye Wong is a Hong Kong singer-songwriter who gained widespread recognition in the early 1990s. Initially using the stage name Shirley Wong, she moved from Beijing to Hong Kong in 1987.

Her debut album, Shirley Wong (1989), propelled her into the spotlight as she sang in Cantonese, blending alternative music with mainstream Chinese pop.

With a career spanning over 30 years, Faye Wong is regarded as one of East Asia’s most prominent pop stars.

Meanwhile, Dou Wei, a Chinese musician, singer-songwriter, and composer, possesses a diverse skill set and creates music spanning various genres.

Initially gaining recognition as a member of the hard rock band Black Panther (Hei Bao, 黑豹), Dou Wei showcased his talents as a multi-instrumentalist.

Wong and Dou Wei were married from 1996 to 1999, and only had one child, Leah.

Wong is currently in a relationship with Hong Kong celebrity Nicholas Tse. While they have been rumoured to have broken up and gotten back together several times, they still seem to be together to this day.

Leah has two half-sisters: Li Yan, who is the daughter of her mother and stepfather Li Yapeng, and Dou Jiayuan, who is the daughter of her father and stepmother Gao Yuan.

While there is a lot of pressure to succeed as a musician if you have parents who have careers of that nature, Leah has proven to be successful in her own right.

Her vocal talent was first showcased at the tender age of 1 when she contributed her voice to her mother’s song, “Tong (童).”

In 2011, Dou formed her inaugural band and assumed the role of lead singer. The following year, she released her debut song, “With You.”

Her official debut performance took place in Tokyo in 2015, and shortly after, she made her debut in Hong Kong at Clockenflap 2015.

In 2016, she released her second single, “Brother,” as part of a Chinese Shu Uemura campaign. That year, she also received a nomination for Best Original Film Song for her track “(It’s Not A Crime) It’s Just What We Do,” featured in the film Soul Mate.

Her exceptional talent was recognised when she won the QQ New Female Artist Of The Year award in the same year.

Last month, Leah released her latest Chinese music album titled Spring Trip.

Receiving many accolades at such a young age, the singer has demonstrated a lot of promise, and we can’t wait to see what she puts out next.