Fight of the Century is Off: Sylvester Sim Pulls Out for Reasons We Just Can’t Understand


When the match between popular idols Steven Lim and Sylvester Sim was announced, everyone was excited.

Billed as the’ Fight of the century’, it promised three things: entertainment, ‘professional fighting skills’ and erm, dark humour.

Image: Asian Fighting Championship Facebook Page

Unfortunately, it has since been called off, after former Singapore Idol contestant Sylvester Sim was forced to pull out because of insurance problems.

Image: Make A Gif

What exactly happened?

Former Singapore Idol contestant Sylvester Sim had been scheduled to take on talent manager Steven Lim in a kick-boxing bout at this Saturday’s (Sep 23) inaugural Asia Fighting Championship (AFC) at Marina Bay Sands.

However, Sim withdrew with just two days left to the ground-breaking event.

According to the organisers’ media release, Sim “would be unable to participate due to insufficient insurance coverage provided … and restrictions on increased coverage as stipulated by the insurance companies.”

Because of this, they called for Sim to withdraw “after careful considerations of the potential risks involved, Sylvester’s safety, as well as his well-being.”

But the fight isn’t over yet.

Going by what Channel NewsAsia said, the president of World Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Federation, Pradip Subramaniam, will be replacing Sim.

Honestly I couldn’t care less about Sim, because Steve was the draw all along anyway.

Kyaa Steven Lim Kor Kor jia you!-
Steven Lim Fan 2k17

But I’m curious about Mr Pradip, the upcoming challenger for Steven Lim’s World Heavyweight Champion title (oops, wrong event).

I looked up World Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Federation’s official website,, and located their executive committee.

But well, this guy’s obviously not him.


And then I googled, and I stumbled upon two likely results.

Image: LinkedIn

Well, if the guy on the far left is Pradip, Steve’s pretty much screwed.


Look, Lim is pretty big himself.

But this guy takes the competition out of the ballpark.

And then we come to…


This guy.

Also named Pradip Subramaniam (according to anyway), he does fit the bill of a company President.


However, he doesn’t look like he can last ten rounds in the ring.

But who knows?

And then there’s the final possibility.

CNA is decided to be an ass and took us for a ride.

But I doubt that; I mean it’s CNA.

If they decide to be a troll they can kiss their reputation goodbye.


What about you? What do you think about Sim’s withdrawal?

And do you think the fight will still be on, with mystery guy Pradip in the mix?

Let us know!

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