Video of Graduate Who DGAF & Walked Past His Degree Will Make You Laugh for Days


Anyone who has graduated from university would know that going up the stage, shaking the professor’s hand and taking your degree is like one of the proudest moments of your life: after almost three years of mugging, late nights and countless assignments, you can finally say goodbye to a student’s life and start earning some real money.

In this Internet era when you need to ensure that all your friends know about your freshly minted status (read: unemployed), posting an image, or a video, of you receiving your degree in your Harry Potter suit is not just important, but imperative.

This guy got the memo. No, in fact, he got more than just the memo: he upped the game.

It’s like he knew how social media work, and made his proud moment seen not just by a few hundred people, but a whopping 7.7 million people.

Okay, I exaggerated lah; he definitely didn’t mean it (or so I thought).

Last week, 4,555 students graduated from Multimedia University, a private university in Malaysia. The university has three campuses up north: one in Melaka, one in Selangor and one in Johor Babru.

So, this graduate here, presumably called Azanjummaat Bin Abd Ghani, who thanked his parents for this glorious moment, was all up and ready to receive his degree.

All good, all good.

Until he forgot that he was there to receive his degree and literally walked past his degree.

You know, like a boss.

You’ve got to look at the dean’s surprised look. Bet he wasn’t expecting this. I mean, who would be?

A few seconds later, our dear friend realized what he had done and rushed back.


Now, at least everyone thought it was funny.

And he seemed to receive the loudest applause, because let’s face it: in every convocation, we were often told not to clap for individual student.

At least he, compared to the other 4,554 students, received a special round of applause.


In fact you’re wondering what the girl in the video said, it’s a very pointless “he turned back!” But you really need to hear her laughter. It’s as classic as the footage.

Here’s the video that has well over 7.7 million views and more than 26K Shares:

By the way, is it just me, or does anyone of you watch the video a few times because it’s just too funny?

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