Man Fined After Calling a Police Officer an ‘A**hole’, Saying That He Paid Their Salary


A drunk mind speaks a sober heart, and this man’s heart… decided that the police were a**holes.

Sanjiv Kumar Sivaraj was fined $3,000 on Wednesday (26 January) for swearing at the police.

“We Are Paying For Your Salary, A**hole.”

Sanjiv was with a group of four other people at Bukit Panjang Block 259’s coffee shop on the night of 23 December 2020.

The group of five refused to let a woman clear their beer cups and wanted to continue drinking there at 10:40pm. No one is allowed to consume alcohol in public spaces past 10:30pm.

The woman then called the police, who arrived at 10:50pm. The men were still sitting at a table, each having a half-filled beer glass.

One officer told the group that they were not allowed to continue consuming alcohol and advised them to dispose of the beer.

While the four men followed the officer’s advice and got up to leave, Sanjiv continued to sit there while smoking his cigarette. He did not dispose of the beer.

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The police officer asked Sanjiv to throw the beer away again, but Sanjiv refused. He told the police officer to dispose of it if he wanted to.

The officer told Sanjiv that he could not throw his beer since the police did not purchase it. He asked Sanjiv to throw the beer away for the third time.

Sanjiv then stood up and said, “Technically, we are paying for your salary, a**hole.”

No surprise here when the officer arrested him for using abusive words.


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Regretted What He Did

Sanjiv said that he regretted his actions, and will refrain from such acts in the future. He said that he would be “more mature”.

His thought process is a true mystery indeed. Why would you deliberately not listen to the police when they’ve given you multiple chances? And if he didn’t mind the beer being thrown away, why couldn’t he have just done it himself?

For using insulting words towards a public servant, convicted offenders could be jailed up to a year, fined up to S$5,000, or both.

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