Sylvia Chan Reveals Plans for NOC After Saga


When we think of NOC, we think of Ryan, Sylvia, and their whole lineup of influencers (and of course, their saga).

With NOC’s shift to a content-driven company, we may no longer come to associate influencers with NOC.

Here’s what NOC’s future looks like after the saga.

Why The Shift Away From Influencers?

Sylvia Chan, the co-founder of Night Owl Cinematics (NOC), said in an interview that the saga gave her time and space to think about NOC’s future and decide on what areas she wants the team to focus on.

She thought about how NOC can shift their focus to produce content that is stronger and sharper in conveying their message. Due to the pandemic, content-led services were also much higher in demand.

This led Chan to decide to refocus NOC to be a content-led, rather than an influencer-led company. This is reflected in their website, which boasts the slogans “Incubators of ideas, creators of meaningful content, curators of brand success”.

Their 360-degree content hub consists of YouTube videos, live streams, posters, photo albums and social media amplification.


What Does Content-Led Mean?

Content-led means that the main focus of their company won’t be on managing or using influencers anymore. Instead, they’ll be focusing on a wider variety of services they can provide their clients.

To reflect this change, NOC’s new website boasts a great number of services they offer. It includes the broad categories of video production, graphic design and photography, streaming, social media amplification, and other stuff like sound engineering or social media management.

How are they going to expand their services so quickly? Chan said that they’re taking it one step at a time.

They’ll focus on expanding their services from videography to journalism first, then move on to photography and others.

Yes, this means that you can look forward to written pieces from Food King in the near future.

With this change in focus, the company is honing its 30 employees’ skills through training and mentorship accordingly.

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Change in Clientele and Collaborations

The company is now seeking clients that have a “more conscious, more intentional messaging”. They want to focus on areas like entrepreneurship and start-ups, instead of merely focusing on government agencies that convey the message of gracious societies and mental health.

Additionally, NOC is looking to make collaborations one of its keys to success.

Previously, NOC did not have many collaborations since they were influencer-led. However, with the company shifting to a content-led one, their previous competitors could now be potential collaborators.

Chan also said that she plans to work with agencies to harness the power of synergy.

NOC has also received opportunities to collaborate with Thailand and Los Angeles-based content companies. For instance, NOC’s partnership with Gushcloud, an international influencer marketing agency, could allow NOC to expand their international reach.

Despite the NOC saga dealing huge blows to NOC and Chan’s reputation, Chan said that it brought opportunities to her as well. Various brands and agencies reached out to her to offer their support, and collaboration plans were discussed for 2022.

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