Influencer Naomi Neo Revealed That She’s Adopted in Her Latest YouTube Video


Naomi Neo is adopted.

The influencer announced this via a 19-minute YouTube video, detailing the story of how she came to realise this.

The First Signs

While discussing blood types with her friends during a school health check-up, Neo was the only one who didn’t know hers. Her blood type was not in her health booklet.

Her parents also said that they were uncertain when Neo asked them about it. That was the first sign to Neo that something was off.

Her identity card presented yet another mystery: it stated her place of birth as China.

Neo asked her parents about it a few times over the years and received differing answers each time.

For instance, her mother would tell her that it was because Neo’s dad had to visit China for a work trip. Another answer would say that it was because Neo’s grandparents were there for a holiday.


This was yet another sign that her parents were hiding something about her birth.

No Baby Photos Under The Age of Three

Her family’s photos of Neo as a baby were from the age of three or four. They had no baby photos of her.

When she asked her parents, her mother said that the family left the photos in an old house while moving out.

But as Neo began to become a parent, she started to find that reason strange. After all, as a new mother, she started to realise that every mother would want to keep their child’s photos. Even all the small crying infant ones.


Unaware of Pregnancy-Related Experiences

Pregnant with her first child at 21, Neo definitely leaned onto her family for support. And what better advice can you get for pregnancy than from your own mother?

However, Neo realised that her mother did not know of and was fascinated by many pregnancy-related things, like a baby’s kicks.

Her mother would also often give her pregnancy advice… that was given by someone else, like Neo’s grandmother. Her mother never seemed to have advice of her own, and also did not share her own pregnancy experience with Neo.

That’s pretty weird, isn’t it? Of course, unless her mother did not actually give birth to her.

The Moment of Truth

What started with a health check-up, ended with a health check-up as well.

Neo was sitting in the car with her husband one day when the subject of blood types came up (again). That night, she called her parents separately to ask about it again. They both gave different answers.

It was that moment where Neo definitely knew something was wrong, and her parents realised that they can’t hide the truth anymore as well.

Her parents sat Neo down and talked to her about it, affirming Neo’s suspicions all along.

Never Wanted Her To Know

Her parents actually tried to have kids of their own ever since marriage, but after eight years they accepted that they were never going to be able to conceive.

The couple then visited China on a family trip, where someone mentioned that there was a little girl up for adoption. Her birth parents put her up for adoption because they had two children, which was against China’s one-child policy back then.


Neo’s parents did struggle to come to terms with the fact that they took someone’s child away from them. However, they always treated Neo as their own flesh and blood.

They also forbade anyone from mentioning the word ‘adopted’ to her. They were afraid that if she ever realised the truth, she’ll run away from home and not come back.

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Neo’s Reaction

Neo shared that it was a totally different feeling, to suspect something for years versus to receive confirmation about it.

She said that she initially felt confused and lost, and wondered whether her family treated her so well because she was not their own.

However, she reflected that she was even more thankful for the way her parents took care of her unfailingly, even though she wasn’t theirs biologically.

Neo said that learning the truth has improved her relationship with her parents, as she now understood their perspective and why they were so strict in her younger days better now. She also feels an even deeper connection to her two kids now as they’re her only blood-related family left.


At the end of the video, Neo wrote, “real family isn’t necessarily defined by our blood, but rather, the people who have been there by our side when no one else is.”


Outpouring of Support 

All the comments under the video expressed support for Neo, applauding both hers and her parents’ bravery in sharing this with the world.

Those who are adopted or are in the midst of adopting a child has also thanked Neo for sharing her experience with them, making them feel less alone.

Neo also left a comment to her subscribers: “Thank you for all your support and to those who grew with me. Without you, I wouldn’t even be who/where I am today. I love you!!! ❤️”


You can watch the full video here:

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