Hot Weather Will Persist in First Half of June With Temperature Up to 35°C


Have you been melting in the hot weather, and praying profusely for some rain?

While you can expect more rainy afternoons ahead, the warm and humid weather isn’t going away anytime soon. Here’s what to expect for the first half of June.

Short-Duration Thundery Showers

You can expect some short thundery showers in the late mornings and afternoons, due to strong daytime heating of land areas.

Additionally, widespread thundery showers with gusty winds are expected due to Sumatra squalls. These will likely happen in the early mornings.

However, dry air from the Indian Ocean is also forecast to be coming over to Southeast Asia. This means that despite the rain, you should still expect warm and fair weather.

Warm and Humid Conditions to Continue

If you were hoping that the rain will chase the heat away, I have some bad news for you.

Yep, the warm and humid weather is expected to continue for the first half of June, with temperatures ranging from 25°C to 34°C on most days. The daily maximum temperature could even reach 35°C on days with no rain.

The nights are going to be warm as well, as winds from the south and southeast blow warm and humid air from the sea to us. The minimum temperature is expected to hit 28°C, especially for the southern and eastern coastal parts of Singapore.

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May Was Really Warm (Unsurprisingly)

There were 22 days in May with the daily maximum temperatures exceeding 34°C. Within those days were 13 days exceeding 35°C.

Additionally, the highest daily maximum temperature of 36.7°C was recorded at Admiralty on 13 May 2022. This is the highest temperature ever recorded in Singapore in May, surpassing the previous record high of 36.5°C on 16 May 2010 and 3 May 2016.

At the Changi climate station, the highest daily maximum temperature recorded was 35.4°C on 29 May 2022. This is also the same maximum temperature ever recorded at the climate station, with the last record being in May 2005.

The mean monthly maximum temperature for May 2022 was 32.9°C, which is 0.6°C higher than the May long-term average. This is also the second-highest mean maximum temperature recorded there in the last decade.

For updates of the daily weather forecast, you can visit the MSS website, or the NEA website. You can also download the myENV app to access the forecast on the go.

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