Food Doesn’t Look Like Display, So We Must Complain To STOMP


“Why the weather so hot ah?”


“Wah lau, wait for so long can’t get a cab.”


“Why the cab so dirty? So smelly? Air-con also not cold.”


Do the above complaints sound familiar? It’s extremely close to my heart because those are the thoughts I find myself having just a few hours ago. #SoNOTGuilty


Hmm, what to do? Singapore mah. Don’t complain will die.

But I want you to meet Angela, a lady who complained to Stomp because the meals she received looked vastly different from what was shown on the app.

So imagine the traumatic experience Angela went through.

You are starving, and your legs are weak. You find the last of every ounce of energy you have left to get yourself some food.


You opened the Food Panda App and suddenly had feels for Japanese food.

So you ordered “Salmon Teriyaki Set” and “Chicken Teriyaki Ebi Fry Bento” because one set not enough.

This is what you see on the app.


Remember, you are very hungry you can eat two cows.

And not forgetting this.


You send in your orders and sit waiting at the door, for that doorbell… for the delivery man to save you.


And finally, the time has come.

The sacred doorbell was rung. You opened the door, snatched the food over and opened it.

This is what you get.


Must I remind you how it was advertised?


Hmm. That is why we have trust issues.



Why deceive us like that? The photo was all good and nice. How come turn out like that?

How are we going to continue to trust anyone at all?



Snaps you back to reality.


Guys. It’s the 21st century. What you see is NOT what you get. Period.

I mean, yes, you can complain all you want because… you have the freedom to and thanks to Angela’s complain, I get to write this article.

But I guess everyone should know that it looks so good because it’s just marketing and that’s what the advertising world is all about.

Who in the right mind would post a crappy picture of the food that they are going to sell?

Even if we’re not on the topic of food… What about accommodations? Hotel shopping on Agoda? What’s shown is all glamorous but the hotel is rundown. Worse than your own house?


It happens. It just happens.


Hmm. Don’t hate me. This is life. You DON’T get what you want all the time.

But you get to learn something new! Well, if that’s something new to you.

Just don’t buy from them next time lor.

Simple as that! 🙂

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