Footage of Bullies Hitting Student Went Viral & The School Has Responded


We’re still in the midst of celebrating CNY but already, videos of bad people are making the internet.

And by bad, we mean bullies. Aren’t they the worst sort of people to exist?

I mean, being a bully is to prey on someone weaker than you, all just because you want to feel a sense of superiority.

And you can scar a person for life. #TrueStory

Here’s what happened in Westwood Secondary that makes you want to smack them upside down.

Video of Bullies In S’pore Surfaced Online

On 15 Feb 2018, a video was uploaded by Fabrications About Singapore Facebook page showing a group of students bullying a classmate between lessons in Westwood Secondary School.


It all started innocently enough. A student seated quietly at his desk, playing on his mobile phone.

Then, the students started provoking him.

By humping right in front of his face.

When the victim did not react, the students seemed to have lost interest in him.

But the person filming the entire event asked the others to hurry up before the teacher comes back.

Then, they threw a chair at him

And hit the back of the victim’s chair.

This time, the victim turned back and stared before going back to minding his own business.

Big mistake

Unsatisfied with his reaction, they threw another chair, hitting the victim this time.

And proceeded to beat him up with punches and kicks.

Even after he fell to the ground


The bully refused to let up and continued his assault before he was stopped by the student filming the video.

The principal of the school has responded to the incident which happened on 9 Feb 2018.


He announced that the students in the video were disciplined “appropriately” and given counselling and that the school is working with the parents to help students learn from the incident.

Whether how appropriate the disciplinary action is, we’ll never know.

After all, the victim is probably going to remember the bullying for life.

Other than low self-esteem and an inferiority complex, he’s going to be dealing with people who think he should’ve stood up for himself.


Well, I dearly the students who received appropriate disciplinary actions includes the kid filming the entire incident.

Because he’s sick AF.

The real bully is the one recording the video

It’s not because he didn’t stop the incident. Oh no, he’s worse than that. He encouraged his classmates to take part in the “festivities”.

It’s one thing to physically assault a classmate, but it’s another thing to urge your classmates to beat someone up and record the entire thing (presumedly) for your own perverse pleasure.


The person recording the video asked the students to “hurry up before the teacher comes in”.

And when the other boys showed disinterest in making the victim’s day even worse, he egged them on.

Even going as far as to tell another student that he must contribute something.

That, my dear friends, is a monster in the making. The smart and cunning villain you usually see in movies.


What do you think should’ve been done to these bullies? Yes, including the one filming the whole thing.

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**All images from Facebook video by Fabrications About Singapore Facebook page unless otherwise stated.

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