Footage of Hot Soup Splashed on Kid Shows Something Important


Singaporeans definitely love their steamboat, especially on a cool rainy day.


We’ve definitely experienced a few minor burns while trying to scoop the glorious ingredients, but even that hurts a lot.

Hell, even the steam from the pot can be a bit much too.

Imagine the hot piping soup spilling onto you.

Yeah, can’t even fathom it?

Well, that’s what happened to a kid in China at a hotpot restaurant.

CCTV footage of this horrible incident went viral.

Take a look for yourself.

For those who are still in a state of shock.

Let me tell you what happened.

The kid was dressed in a blue-checked shirt, seated at the outer side of the table with his mum while his dad is seated opposite him.

As the waiter approached the table with the hotpot, the waiter lost his balance and dropped the hotpot onto the table.

Image: youtube

The hot liquid from the pot spilt onto the boy and the mum quickly carried him. The dad pushed the hotpot immediately and went over to the other side to attend to them.

You could tell the liquid was piping hot as the boy was shrouded in steam. He was literally in hot soup. #SorryBadJoke

Image: youtube

From the video alone, it looks like the waiter lost his balance.

Maybe the floor was slippery?

According to an article by World of Buzz, the owner of the restaurant came forward and said the pot wasn’t that hot because they had to scoop the soup base out.

The pot was brought to the back to be filled with other ingredients. He also mentioned that the steam is from the pot’s base as it is hot and not from the soup.

However, the child’s skin was scalded from the unfortunate incident and the owner has discussed with the parents privately, in terms of the compensation and the medical fees.

One thing is for sure, the child would have been spared if he sat on the inner-side of the table.

Moral of the story: Don’t let your kid seat at an aisle seat.

Parents, always be extra vigilant when you’re out with your kids.


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