Footage of Cute Small Lobster Taking the MRT & Trying to Alight Should Really Go Viral



Uncle Seng placed me in a bright yellow plastic bag with some red prints on it.

“Where am I? Where’s Ma?”

“Here here, don’t worry Ah Hei. We’re on our way to our burial ground.”

“Huh? I don’t want to die yet! Why do humans eat us? They are downright cruel!”

“Son, that’s how the world works. Don’t worry. It will be a fast death. I overheard Uncle Seng that most crayfishes die an instant death after being placed in a hot pot of Chicken soup. You won’t feel pain, just for a little while maybe. A couple of seconds.”

The plastic bag went swish-swash as the cruel man dressed in his office attire made his way to the MRT station.


After a couple of minutes, the bag was placed on the floor and this was what I heard, “Ding Dong. Doors are closing…”

“Doors? Ma! Here’s our chance to make an escape!”

“Ah Hei, you sure not? We won’t make it in time for the door.”

“We can do it. Here’s our chance. Let’s go!”

I dashed for the door as I heard “Little India” over the telecom. But when I look back, Ma was calling out for me.

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Siao liao… I crawled as fast as my leg could take me. But… too late. The other crayfish-eating humans alerted the cruel man to my escape.

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Narrator: And there goes the adventure of Ah Hei and his mum. We were not informed as to what happened to the duo but we guess they died a terrible death in the hands of cruel men and hotpot with chicken broth.

This was not supposed to be a laughing matter, over the death of two crayfishes. But crayfish-eating humans found much delight and pleasure over the unsuccessful escape of Ah Hei and his mum.

See for yourselves.

To all my "crustacean fans": I've been contacted by the gentleman in my previous video and have agreed to remove it: PRAWNTO! 🦐 I'd like to respect his wishes and conceal his identity for privacy reasons in this version. Heh heh heh 🦐🦐🦐 Btw, they're apparently crayfishes and not prawns 😂/// ORIGINAL CAPTION: Now that's something you don't see everyday. He didn't know and almost had an empty plastic bag as his prawns made a run for the exit. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 🦐🤣😂🦐🤣😂🦐🤣😂🦐🤣😂🦐🤣😂

Posted by Natasha Genevieve Lee on Monday, 30 October 2017

And we turn our attention to Crayfish Kingdom, who’ve released a statement on their Facebook Page:

Families of Crayfish Kingdom,

We have lost a plastic bag of Crayfishes yesterday, to a guy dressed in office attire.

We are deeply saddened by the news but definitely proud of the historic moment of Ah Hei and his mum making an attempt to escape. They were so close to success if not for the crayfish-eating humans who spotted them and mocked their presence.


As we mourn their death and many who’ve gone before us, let’s continue to uphold the heroic spirit they have demonstrated.


Crayfish Kingdom

As Crayfish Kingdom mourns the death of one plastic bag of crayfish, let’s stay away from seafood for a while. Shall we?

Okay, back to seriousness, this video, which is funny because everyone was laughing, should get more than the 2K plus views it has. Previously, it has been uploaded but the guy who caught the crayfishes would prefer not to show his face, so the lady re-uploaded it.

It should really go viral again, right?


Oh, by the way, shouldn’t we see more of these videos instead of those that online shame others? #justsaying

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