Forget Gudetama Café. There’s Now a Gudetama Plane & It’s Cuteness Overload

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Step aside, salted egg yolk. The hottest egg yolk now is Gudetama, and he’s officially coming to Singapore this Wednesday.

But if that’s not enough, here’s one more Gudetama for you: a Gudetama-themed flight.

EVA Air, the same airline that created the Hello-Kitty-themed flight from Singapore to Taipei, has now moved on from a mouthless cat to a lazy egg.

EVA Air has just realized an album of photos for their daily flights between Taipei (Taiwan) and Narita (Japan), and it’s not just for aviation enthusiasts.

Known as the Gudetama comfort flight by EVA Air, the airline has been very active in Facebook, replying to almost every single comment (even if it’s not a question) on this album.

Image: Facebook (EVA Airways Corp. 長榮航空)
Image: Facebook (EVA Airways Corp. 長榮航空)

And it’s not just the exterior: it’s cuteness overload everywhere inside the plane!

Image: Facebook (EVA Airways Corp. 長榮航空)
Image: Facebook (EVA Airways Corp. 長榮航空)

According to the Facebook Page, there’s a TWD500 off if you use the code “gudetama”, although we’re not certain whether that’s valid for Singapore passengers.

In any case, if you happen to be in Taipei and intend to make Tokyo your next stop, why not indulge yourself in this cuteness?

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