Former OnlyFans Creator & Influencer Ms Puiyi Offering USD$1 Million Worth of Scholarships to Needy Students


If you’re looking for a scholarship to pursue your passion but are worried about how to fund your education, a new one has opened up and it may be for you.

Ms Puiyi has just launched the Ms Puiyi Scholarship Foundation offering a whopping US$1 million in partnership with Educaptial Foundation for students who do not have the financial means to pursue their dreams.

Here are the details of this hot scholarship and her motivations for setting it up.

Motivations Behind Setting up the Scholarship Fund

In an Instagram post posted on 15 February 2023, internet personality Ms Puiyi announced to the world that she is launching her very own scholarship programme named after herself.


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Ms Puiyi is a master of many trades, dabbling in a range of activities such as DJ-ing, acting and singing. She is also an entrepreneur who has founded her own skincare and cosmetic lines.

Apart from these, Ms Puiyi also adds being an influencer and former OnlyFans content creator to her impressive portfolio.

In the caption to her Instagram post, Ms Puiyi reveals some of her thoughts and motivations behind launching this scholarship.

She says that she “came from an underprivileged background” and wished that she could have had “extra financial help” to further her studies.

In the Instagram video, she shares that she wanted to pursue medicine in her younger days and dreamed of being a surgeon, but due to a lack of monetary means, she had to turn to working every day for long hours to support herself.

Now that Ms Puiyi has achieved fame and built a successful career for herself, she is launching this scholarship programme to “hopefully make a difference” and “give equal opportunities to deserving students” that cannot afford the education they dream of.

It is also part of her desire to “give back to society”, Ms Puiyi elaborates in her video.

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A US$1,000,000 Fund

Details of this scholarship can be found on her dedicated website,, which indicates that scholarship applications are now open.

This scholarship will award each successful applicant with US$1,000 to pursue an education in the field of their choice.

There are no restrictions as to the nationality of the applicants since this scholarship is open to all students worldwide. That said, international students may “need to provide additional documentation during the application process”.

There are, however, some restrictions. The scholarship application website clarifies that this scholarship is only open to “new students” as its goal is to “enroll students who would traditionally be unable to enroll due to financial difficulties”.

The target audience for this scholarship is also “underprivileged students” so presumably some form of means testing or filtering based on financial background will be conducted during the selection process.


Apart from a financial grant, the successful applicants will also receive support such as access to financial hardship grants while studying and access to business startup grants upon graduation, as mentioned by Ms Puiyi in the video.

If this sounds appealing, potential applicants have to fill up a form which contains 21 questions, including providing their contact information and sharing more about why they are “interested in learning a new skill” and why they are applying for this scholarship.

If this is something that has caught your eye, it’s time to start brushing up your writing (and probably, interview) skills.

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