Free $500 IKEA Vouchers? It’s a Scam, Says IKEA


What is IKEA known for?

In Singapore, it is known for its lip-smacking meatballs (you should really try their new chicken meatballs!) and juicy chicken wings.

I love going to IKEA for totally different reasons.

My friends and I like to pretend we live there by sleeping on their display bed or fake-cooking in their display kitchen and sometimes we would even play hide-and-seek.

What can I say?

We are young at heart.

I am sure one day, probably when I am 40, I will be able to afford my own house and then I can do legit shopping at IKEA.

Unless there are random IKEA shopping vouchers floating on the net…..




Apparently, there is an IKEA survey of sorts circulating on social media and messaging apps which offers free vouchers, Channel NewsAsia reported.

Here is a screengrab of the survey:

Image: Channel NewsAsia

As a writer, I can’t help but cringe at the survey as it is riddled with grammatical errors.

I am not a grammar nazi but come on, some of the errors are just abysmal.

This should be the proper version:

IKEA is giving a free voucher of $500 to celebrate its 75th birthday!

To qualify for the voucher, please take part in this short survey.

Question 1: Have you ever been to IKEA?

Sorry for my grammar OCD.

Anyways, IKEA has cleared the air.

Image: IKEA Singapore Facebook

If you can’t read:

Dear fans,

We’ve noticed that there is another round of mobile survey promising free IKEA vouchers circulating on the Internet and messaging apps. We’d like to clarify that we are not associated with these activities, and they are not initiated by IKEA. Please protect yourself by not sharing your personal information or clicking on any suspicious links. Do spread the word to your friends so they are aware.

IKEA also mentioned that phishing emails (aka shady emails) tend to be spelled strangely and they work hard to avoid spelling mistakes or poor grammar, Channel NewsAsia reported.

IKEA also added that it will never ask for personal details via email.

So guys, don’t fall hook, line, and sinker for these scams!


Since we all love to leave complaints…oops I mean feedback on social media, why not drop a message to the respective company when in doubt.

Scammers might be working hard but we will be working harder.


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