From 1 July 18, You’ll Have to Pay Extra $13.30 to Fly from Changi Airport


Well, well, well. GST might be increasing between 2021 to 2025, but this sudden increase is going to come so fast and furious, you might just reconsider your end-year holiday plans.

According to reports, Changi Airport currently charges $34 to fly out of the airport, with this breakdown:

  • Passenger Service and Security Fee ($27.90)
  • Aviation Levy ($6.10)

Truth to be told, I didn’t even know about this: they most likely are included in our air tickets. If I had known, I would have spent more time in the departure hall, because I’m paying $27.90 for the service and security!

Now, there’s going to be a $13.30 additional fee from 1 July 2018.

The total departure fee will be a totality of $47.30. The breakdown would be as follow:

  • Passenger Service and Security Fee ($30.40)
  • Aviation Levy ($6.10)
  • Airport Development Levy ($10.80)

Okay, so the passenger service and security fee is increased by $2.50 (more on that later), so I’ll just spend more time in the departure hall next time I’m flying off.

But wait. Airport Development Levy?

It’s for the construction of Terminal 5

The Airport Development Levy we pay are to help build T5, which cost tens of billions.

Here’s, it’s for this.

But why charge the passengers?

Unfortunately, this is pretty common.

While the Government and Changi Airport do fund it, other countries have also charged passengers to build their infrastructure. According to The Straits Times, Hong Kong International Airport charges an extra $11.85 to $30.50 per person to build a third runway.

But passengers like you and me aren’t the only one affected: airlines would have to pay more for landing and parking in the airport, though theirs are not that significant (e.g. a $12 increase for A320-200 for three hours).

This isn’t the end

If this sounds bad, you’ve yet to hear the worst.

By 1 April 2024, the total departure fee could go up to $62.30, because the Passenger Service and Security Fee will increase by $2.50 every year until 2024 (which is why there’s a $2.50 this year).

And remember, by then, GST might have already increased.

Now, show this article to your SO and convince him or her to take a vacation soon…’coz it’s going to get more expensive soon.

Unless you take a boat to Batam lah. Just don’t take a motorized sampan.


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