From 2018, There’ll Be No More Yellow Pages Books. Here’re 10 Facts You Should Know

Do you know that there will be no more Yellow Pages Books to be distributed from 2018? It is a sad but definite decision made by the printing company Global Yellow Pages (GYP) due to the increasing preferences of consumers to search for information online.

For the sake of people who are too young (you lucky fellows), here’s how a Yellow Pages book looks like:


Technically speaking, it’s used to search for phone numbers: think of it as a Google in a book form, although most of us used the pages to wrap otah or to look taller in photographs instead (get it?).

Here are ten facts you should know about this memory that, well, is also going to be a victim of technology (though its death comes so much later than his cousins like CDs, pagers…etc).

GYP started in 1967 under another name
GYP was formerly known as General Telephone Directory Co. (GTDC) and published the telephone directory of Singapore in English and Chinese editions. These directories included Yellow Pages advertising in both English and Chinese.

GYP was originally a search solutions specialist
GYP was started as a search solutions specialist only in print back in 1967, but over the years, the company has evolved with technology and is now a multi-platform solutions company with up-to-date search, SME enablement and database marketing.

Search solutions – isn’t that so familiar? Although it’s no longer called Yellow Pages, but a company that starts with “G” as well.

GYP diversified its business into property and the food and beverage industry
In an attempt to build a resilient company, GYP also diversifies its business in recent years to include both property and the F&B industry. In fact, the company plans to focus on its property business after closing down the printing business of Yellow Pages. The company’s core F&B business is in Australia, where it owns the intellectual property rights of Wendy’s Supa Sundaes brand.

GYP owns a shopping mall in Auckland, New Zealand since 2015
GYP owns Pakuranga Plaza, a huge shopping mall sitting on a 3.9ha freehold landsite. The company plans to maximise its development potential and work on utilising the land for more growth.

GYP is a residential property developer.
GYP bought a piece of freehold land in Queenstown, New Zealand in 2016 and become a residential property developer. Phase one of the residential project has been launched in June, 2017.

GYP is not giving up on its search solution specialist role
While the print versions of Yellow Pages will end by end of 2017, GYP is not ready to give up its roots as a search solution specialist. Instead, it will build on a digital platform instead. GYP has entered into a joint venture agreement with a new company – Yellow Pages Pte Ltd (YP), which will handle digital directories, data and online offerings.

Does that sound like it’s taking on the big G?

GYP invested in Page Advisor Holdings (PAH) as well.
PAH is founded by online entrepreneur, Fabian Lim. GYP has a 10% stake in PAH and a 20% stake in YP. Fabian Lim has a 25% stake in YP as well. With such investments, GYP continues to have a hold in search solutions while it builds on its core business in property.

GYP is a listed company
For those who do not trade, you may not know that GYP is a listed company since 2004. News of its impending closure of Yellow Pages and its investment in the property and F&B industries have caused its stock to rise from 9.9 cents to 16.6 cents on Tuesday. Guess people think it’s a right business decision after all.

Staff members in GYP will be retrenched
While GYP would love to keep all their staff, it is with regret that some of these staff will be retrenched due to the closure and restructuring of the company. Some of these employees have been working in the company for years, but the company has been unable to find a right fit for them in the restructured company.

The last print edition of Yellow Pages will be distributed by 2017.
GYP has confirmed that the production of the last print edition of Yellow Pages is currently underway and it will be distributed later this year. If you are a fan of these yellow books, remember to grab the last edition as a souvenir when it is out!

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