Woman Online Shamed Funeral for Breaking CB Rules & Even Made It a Racist Issue

Previously, NEA had to come out and remind people to be more sensitive after a funeral wake was “online-shamed” for breaking safe distancing rules.

A niece of the deceased had to come out and explain what happened and begged for the public to give her family “time to grieve”.

Reader Bao: Yeah, I know. It’s disgusting. I think nobody’s going to do it again after seeing that-

*Facebook post uploaded*

Reader Bao: Oh.

Woman Online Shamed Funeral for Breaking CB Rules & Even Made It a Racist Issue

On 26 May, a woman thought that it’ll be a good idea to upload a rant about a funeral wake.

Image: Facebook

She started off her post with “not trying to be racist”.

She observed that the wake has been held for “3 or 5 days” and that “8 to 10 tables” were bunched together with visitors sitting close to each other.

She went on to say that she “bet that not all are from the same household”, and she could see people not wearing their masks properly because they were drinking and smoking.

She asked if rules in Singapore only applied to the minority races and asks why the enforcement here in Singapore is “so biased”.

She ended off her post by saying that she has more evidence that she can provide (if necessary) and ask people for their thoughts.

Here’s the full transcript of her FB post:

Not being a racist or whatsoever you think about me… but come on…we are going through circuit breaker and the rules applies to all…. right????

Yes, I feel very sorry for my friends and fellow people whom have lost their beloved ones during this period. It is 200% not easy to deal with the rules and the pricetag (summons) it comes along with…but I salute your strength and devotion in sending off your loved ones according to the rules. A good example was some of my friend’s posts on their loved ones funeral rules and asking loved ones to abide CB rules. Salute them at this tough time!

But here, at my neighbourhood…!!!

A wake is being held! 3 or 5 days, I don’t know…

Day 1 has passed, bite the bullet, rip neighbour!

Day 2, ongoing…

Almost 8-10 round tables

10 chairs around each table (occupied, happy hour)

Every table filled with people very busy… smoking, consuming alcohol, sitting so close to each other and chatting away! Totally no safe distancing in place and I bet not all in a table are from the same household. Some not even wearing the masks proper…cos smoking and drinking! So what happen to the CB rules???? Meant to be broken????

Like Seriously… the rules apply to all or only a group of people like the minority???? Why so biased in enforcement!!! Why???? A female got such a weighty punishment for visiting boyfriend and not wearing mask proper right, now tell me what’s the action for this going to be????

You need more photos or evidence, p.m me and I will tell you where you can refer too…👍meanwhile, zoom below picture and tell me what you see, I am waiting!


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Netizens’ Comments

Now, is this action really necessary?

Some netizens seemed to think that it’s not, pointing out that she should’ve taken it straight to the authorities:

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

One shared his own experience of calling the cops on a similar funeral wake instead of sharing it online:

Image: Facebook

On the other side of the coin, some netizens agree with what the lady said:

Image: Facebook

Report Via The OneService App

Here’s the safest way to deal with such incidents.


Report it via the OneService App.

For one, it’ll reach the authorities faster.

And two, you don’t run the risk of doing illegal things, whether it be doxxing or accused of trying to incite unrest among the many races.

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