NEA Issued Warning for Funeral Wake With More Than 10 People; Remind People to Be Sensitive During This Period


It has not been easy adjusting our lives ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has occurred.

This circuit breaker means surviving without McDonald’s for close to a month for some. It means not being able to celebrate our 21st birthdays and anniversaries.

However, for others, it means even grieving over the death of their loved ones were challenged during this period.

NEA Issued Warning for Funeral Wake With More Than 10 People

The National Environment Agency (NEA) posted an update on its Facebook page on Wednesday (20 May). The post discusses the matter of funerals in Singapore during the circuit breaker period.

According to NEA, they’re aware of photos of “multiple guests attending a funeral wake at the void deck of an HDB block at Clementi.”

In response to these photos, NEA stated that it would be monitoring the wake closely to ensure compliance with applicable regulations. It would be following up on any infringement of COVID-19 regulations.

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In addition, NEA mentioned that the authorities have conducted checks and has already warned the family and the Funeral Director to abide by safe distancing measures.

There weren’t further details of the photos and where they were circulated.

However, it was noted that the photos show a group of at least 10 attendees gathered in close proximity.

Funerals Can Still Go On With Precautionary Measures Taken

NEA stated that attendance at cremations, burial services, and funeral wakes is allowed during the circuit breaker period.

However, there must be precautionary measures taken, such that only 10 persons or fewer are allowed at any one time.

This limit applies to the foot procession send-off as well.

Attendees are not restricted to the same family. Nonetheless, attendance should be limited to family members as far as possible.

The numbers need not include funeral workers, even though the number of staff should be minimised. Also, safe distancing of one metre between each attendee should be monitored at all times.

Be Sensitive To Bereaved Families During This Period 

To end of its post, NEA urged members of the public to “be sensitive towards the bereaved families” by not sharing photos or videos online.

Funerals are a place of grief and remembrance for our loved ones who have passed away. It is heart-wrenching enough to see people gathered together and cry their hearts out, and you’d be damned if you still want to be a one-man police force to online shame them.


If you were to spot any breach of safe distancing measures, instead of taking pictures and circulating it online like your ignorant self would, do make a report through the OneService App on Google Play or App Store instead.

Here’s NEA’s very carefully worded post:

We are aware of photos of multiple guests attending a funeral wake at the void deck of an HDB block at Clementi.Under…

Posted by National Environment Agency (NEA) on Wednesday, 20 May 2020

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