You Can Now Report People or Places That Break Safe-Distancing Rules With an App

Everyone in Singapore is now practising safe-distancing—even cats are doing that.

If even cats can do it, why can’t you?

Cat: Is that an insult?

No, don’t be oversensitive.

But there would always be a few jokers who still believe that the walls have no eyes, and now, they’d better be reading this because…

You Can Now Report People Who Break Safe-Distancing Rules With an App

Before anyone of you gets overly paranoid and starts to stay home just to avoid being snapped, don’t worry: according to the MOH FAQs, enforcement officers will assess the facts of each case carefully, including whether there are reasonable explanations for any compliance. Simply put, do your part and you’d be fine.

This is for people who totally DGAF and go around hugging strangers.

The OneService app is an app developed by the Government for citizens to report municipal issues to the relevant authorities.

For example, you can report an overflowing bin or a fallen tree.

Image: Google Play Store

In other words, you become the authorities’ eyes since you’re always out there.

And now, it’s added a feature for you to report cases whereby safe-distancing is not being practised.

Lest you can’t read:

The #OneServiceApp now has a dedicated function for reporting cases where safe distancing is not being practised. The information provided will help the relevant agencies to know where the “hotspots” are, which require further enforcement and patrolling action.

Download the OneService App: (for iOS devices) & (for Android devices)

For example, you know that a bubble tea shop has been trying to cramp everyone in so that they can sell more bubble tea; just take an image and most probably, that bubble tea would be closed the next day.

Or if you see this:

Image: Twitter (@seanlkx)

Cat: I knew you’ve something against us

Well, what I meant is that if you see someone doing what the cat is doing, then you can report that human being. Don’t be too oversensitive, Ms Cat; I just can’t find an image of a human breaking that rule.

Of course, the last thing we want is for officers to waste their time heading over to a spot whereby a family living in the same household is exercising together (that is allowed), so please report only egregious violations.

And like what Minister Masagos Zulkifli mentioned yesterday, please only “don’t send photos that you did not take yourselves as some of these cause our officers to waste time pursuing past events.”


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