Here’s What Will Happen to You If You Didn’t Vote During This GE

You don’t need a reminder that polling day is on 10 July, because that’s a “free” long weekend that the PAP government is giving to people in Singapore.

But what happens if you decide not to turn up and vote?

Will you get arrested? Do you have to go lim kopi with the men in blue?

Are they going to throw you out of your GRC because you didn’t do your part?

Reader Bao: Or worse, will they stop selling me Bubble Tea in my GRC?

Here’s What Will Happen To You If You Didn’t Vote During This GE

Every time an election is going to take place, the Elections Department will compile a list of electors and where they’re supposed to vote at:

According to ELD, every registered voter has to vote in the upcoming GE2020.

You can check if you’re in the Registry of Voters here.

But let’s say you did not vote because 4 to 6pm isn’t a good time for you to make choices according to your fortuneteller, what happens after.

Well, your name will be taken off the certified list of electors of the electoral division you belong to, and you won’t be able to vote again.

Reader Bao: Wait, I thought you said it’s going to be something worse than drinking coffee with the police?

Well, imagine at the next General Election, one of the candidates in your area plan to ban all bubble tea in your zone.

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Reader Bao: What?! NO, I’ll vote him out-

But you can’t, remember?

Reader Bao: Oh…

You Can Apply To Have Your Name Back There

Of course, this isn’t permanent and you can apply to have your name put back onto the list, with or without a valid reason.

According to the ELD, if you cannot vote in the previous time because of these reasons:

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  • Working overseas (including being on a business trip) at the time of the poll
  • Studying overseas at the time of the poll
  • Living with their spouse who is working or studying overseas
  • Overseas vacation
  • Illness, or delivering a baby

All you have to do is to apply via their website and your name will be re-entered free-of-charge.

Reader Bao: But what if I just needed to take care of my sick cat?


…you don’t even have a pet.

Reader Bao: WHAT IF.

Oh, okay, you can still apply to have your name re-entered into the list but there’ll be a charge of S$50.

By the way, restoration applications will not be processed after the writ of election is issued until the entire election is over so make sure to re-apply as soon as possible.

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Pre-Apply For Restoration If You Know You Can’t Vote This Upcoming GE

ELD added that people are “strongly encouraged” to pre-apply for name restoration if they know they can’t make it to the polls.


Don’t worry if your plan suddenly gets cancelled because you can still vote at the polls.

Any voter who cast their votes, even after they apply for restoration, will have their application (for restoration) automatically voided.

Their votes will, of course, be counted.

GE2020 Can Be Confusing

If you find the general election this year confusing, I don’t blame you.

After all, many familiar faces are retiring, many more unfamiliar faces are joining and the only new face you’re familiar with is Ivan Lim.


Don’t worry because Goody Feed has got your back.

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As my favourite Running Man cast, Song Jihyo would say, Race, start.

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