G.E.M.鄧紫棋’s 平凡天使 (Angels) is The Best COVID-19 Song Ever & Here’s Why

Last Updated on 2020-02-28 , 9:49 pm

Over the course of the SARS and COVID-19 outbreaks, there has been many music videos made, but none of them—and I mean absolutely none of them—comes close to this latest one by G.E.M.

I showed a few people in the office this video, and all of them were shedding tears halfway through the video.

I kid you not; even manly men who used to scold other staff members in Goody Feed were crying.

I won’t be surprised if some of us decided to take unpaid leave from tomorrow onwards to volunteer for the fight against COVID-19.

I know you’re here just for the video, so here you go (disclaimer: it’s really extremely sad):

Finished bawling? Here’s a summary of this video for people who dare not watch it (I don’t blame you)

G.E.M.鄧紫棋’s “平凡天使” (Angels)

The music video, 平凡天使, comprising a few real-life footages of ordinary people doing extraordinary things during the COVID-19 outbreak, is made even more moving with text overlays of their backstory and G.E.M’s specially composed song.

Here’s a list of what those ordinary angels have done:

An Angel Committing a Crime

The MV started off with a CCTV footage of a scene at Xiaohuashan Police Station on 27 January 2020. A man with a surgical mask entered the station, placed 500 masks on the desk and immediately fled like a criminal.

That guy’s indeed committed a crime: he made me cry.

As the policemen chased after him, he was already too far off.

Here, you can see the cops saluting the man who’s gone off; as someone who’s being in the army for two years, I can say that those are the best salutes I’ve ever seen.

Image: YouTube (GEM鄧紫棋)

Angels Preparing for Battle

The second footage is of medical workers suiting up, ready for the long battle ahead.

In one scene, a medical staff is seen acting cute to another person. I hate people who act cute, but this uncle can act cute for all he wants.

Image: YouTube (GEM鄧紫棋)

Damn it, uncle. Last warning.

Angels Invading a House

The third story shows how angels decided to invade an elderly’s house, because she’s being quarantined and had no one to look after her.

If you want to see how gratitude looks like, look no further than how this granny thanked her new family—I mean, those medical staff who now suddenly have a new grandmother.

Image: YouTube (GEM鄧紫棋)

Angels Littering at a Train Station

Look at this mother-and-daughter duo:

Image: YouTube (GEM鄧紫棋)

Please call the authorities when you see them on the streets. They left tens of disinfectants outside a station and even vandalised the box with the words, “Just something for you, with love”.

Image: YouTube (GEM鄧紫棋)

Hopefully once they’re caught, the judge would send them to heavens forever.

The Angel Who Doesn’t Love Her Daughter

This angel is so bad, she hasn’t been home since Chinese New Year.

And guess what happened when her nine-year-old daughter came to visit her with some food?

She kept a distance from her, and just gave her a flying hug.

Image: YouTube (GEM鄧紫棋)

See how sad her daughter is.

Image: YouTube (GEM鄧紫棋)

I’m glad the camera didn’t capture the father’s reaction. He’ll be a shame to every man out there, crying like a baby.

But damn it, in all seriousness, this is one scene that gets me. Every. Single. Time.

Image: YouTube (GEM鄧紫棋)

I’m not crying, you are.

Angel Who Did GrabFood for 800 People

This lady probably just wants a job in GrabFood as she prepared 800 meals for a hospital in Wuhan daily.

Image: YouTube (GEM鄧紫棋)

I think she’s just trying to get as many 5-stars as possible. Angels also need stars one, okay?

Angel Who Wants to Show Racist People The Mask

Are you a bastard who’s racist against Chinese nationals?

If so, this angel is here to show you that he’s not bringing the virus to you; he’s here to bring a mask to you, and to proudly says that he’s from China.

Image: YouTube (GEM鄧紫棋)

But still, feel free to hate him.

Because did you see what he wear?

Image: YouTube (GEM鄧紫棋)

Angels also must have some fashion sense mah? Send him back to heavens already!

Angel Gave a Mask to an Auntie

We all hate aunties who rush for seats in the train. After that, they’ll KPKB non-stop.

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Which is why this angel decided to seal an auntie’s mouth with a mask, and even offered to help put it on for her.

Image: YouTube (GEM鄧紫棋)

The auntie cried after that. I did, too.

Image: YouTube (GEM鄧紫棋)

You Can Be An Angel, Too

The subheader sounds like a MediaCorp drama title, but it isn’t.

Near the end of the song, G.E.M. has this to say:

You may think you can’t do much

But everyone who brings love is an angel

This song is a tribute to all the angels

“If You Can’t Get a Miracle, Become One.” – Nick Vujicic

Last Story: Angels Become a Miracle

A group of angels delivered a baby from a mother who’s been infected with COVID-19.

Image: YouTube (GEM鄧紫棋)

I bet these angels are saying, “Wuhan virus? Who gives a f***? I’m here to deliver a baby!”

Now, whoever you are, whatever you’re doing, remember:

You can be an angel, too.

Image: imgflip

I seriously hope this article’s inspired you to be an angel.

Here’s the English translation of the lyrics:

Don’t be afraid of long dark nights

Look up at the stars together they are shining bright

Maybe it’s a test to see if the scattered hearts could come together

When you’re praying for a miracle

Could you believe that the answer is you?

You are the most ordinary yet loving Angel

At the moment of storm, your faith and persistence is so precious

Those tears that come with the smile will bring the rainbow after the rain

Because of you, in pain we find love

We have been through so many bumps on the way

We have survived so many storms

Maybe it’s scary, maybe you are sad,

But together we will not back down

When you’re praying for a miracle

Could you believe that the answer is you?

You are the most ordinary yet loving Angel

At the moment of storm, your faith and persistence is so precious

Those tears that come with the smile will bring the rainbow after the rain

Because of you, in pain we find love