JJ Lin & Stefanie Sun Wrote Song to Fight Wuhan Virus, Just Like SARS’ ‘Hand in Hand’


In this time of panic, local singers JJ Lin and Stefanie Sun have joined hands to write a song to fight the Wuhan virus, to give those who are affected by the coronavirus some hope and to cheer them on.

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Yeah, they might not be doctors or nurses in surgical masks but they’re doing what they do best in this battle.

I’ll Stay With You

The song, meaningfully titled I’ll Stay With You, is musically arranged and sung by Lin, while Sun contributed the lyrics to it.

It was written to provide comfort to those who are battling against the coronavirus, telling them that the time of darkness will eventually end and they don’t have to feel afraid because they are not alone in this.

The song lyrics also commend all those who have provided relentless help to those affected, thanking them for their efforts.

At the end of the music video of the song, a message is dedicated to those in Hubei province: “With love, no city is locked down.”

Just Like Hand in Hand

If this sounds familiar to you them you’d have gone through the SARS crisis.

A song was also composed back then when SARS was the cause of a pandemic. The song, titled Hand in Handwas sung by many artists, one of which was Stefanie Sun, to show their support and comfort those who were affected by the virus.

Using Songs For Comfort

On 28 January, both Lin and Sun shared the song on their Weibo pages and tagged Chinese state media, People’s Daily, in their posts.

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If you’re thinking that this is the first time that Lin has initiated something like this, it isn’t.

In fact, when the Wen Chuan earthquake happened back in 2008, Lin also wrote a song titled Love and Hope to comfort those who had lost their loved ones during the disaster.


The 8.0 magnitude earthquake left five million homeless and claimed the lives of 87,000 people.

Making Donations

Sun expressed her gratitude to those who have been working hard to curb the spread of the Wuhan virus and to provide medical attention to those who are affected, saying in a post: “Thank you and it’s been hard on you guys.”

She also revealed in the same post about how she came about composing I’ll Stay With You, saying that she received a call from Lin telling her that he wanted to write a song and dedicate it to all the ones working on the frontline to battle the Wuhan virus.

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Apart from composing the song, Sun also contributed some of her money. After receiving Chinese singer Han Hong’s call for a donation, Sun immediately donated money to support Wuhan and signed off as “Han Hong’s old friend, Mdm Sun”.

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Hopefully, the situation becomes much better, but in the meantime, please stay safe, everyone!

You can listen to their new song here:

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No matter the challenge, Love will always prevail. 就算 再艰难 爱 不会离开 I’ll Stay With You @stefsunyanzi 《STAY WITH YOU》 词:孙燕姿 曲:林俊杰 编曲 Music Arrangement:JJ 林俊杰 弦乐编写 Strings Arrangement : JJ 林俊杰 吉他 Guitar:黄冠龙 大提琴 Cello:刘芸贝 Mixed by JJ 林俊杰 Mastered by JJ 林俊杰 Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at THE JFJ BLUE ROOM (SINGAPORE)  鸣谢:吴庆隆、洪俊扬 视频制作: 剪接、后制 – JJ 林俊杰 封面照片拍摄 – 钟小锋 封底照片加工和文案制作 – 人民日报 版权属于JFJ Productions(除歌词属于 Make Music),未经正式授权者(不论个人或团体): • 严禁商用 • 严禁二改 • 严禁重制

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