GIF is coming to WhatsApp. Here’s what you need to know.

Whatsapp is the popular instant messaging application that almost everybody is using. Recently, they decided to make the well-loved application a little more, well, loved by announcing that there may be a new addition to the app!

Addition of GIF function
Other than the added features of free calls, location sharing and automatically imported contacts, Whatsapp has decided to add the ability to send and receive GIF to and from your friends and family.

Although not yet incorporated, rumours have spread to say that the supported new feature will enable you to view the sent GIF without opening up any browsersno more clicking to open sent links, just view it straight from the conversation! How convenient is that?

The catch
Unfortunately, the attachments cannot be searched via keywords or through the search bar, which makes it a tad bit troublesome if you are trying to find a GIF from a long time ago to show your friends.

On the other hand, it will be saved in your phone’s camera roll for easy sharing, so if you’re not the type of person who takes a lot of photos regularly, good for you!

It was also said that the GIFs will also be able to be converted into an image but that’s a little silly isn’t it, considering we want the GIF to be well, a GIF.

Other new additions
Other functions that may be added include the ability to delete numerous conversations at once instead of the usual delete one-by-one process as well as being able to check and see the active group members in group chats.

Nothing to be happy about since we can’t use the excuse, “Sorry, I wasn’t online” anymore. In fact, this is a whole new level of the blue ticks function!

Video Calling
Speaking of new features, another exciting rumour that WhatsApp is working on is the video-calling function. Users will be able to communicate to their friends and family from any parts of the world while being able to see their lovely faces.

It has also been mentioned that the new GIF feature in Whatsapp will not take long before it appears on Facebook, the owner of Whatsapp, who has the GIF feature in their messenger. Yay to more attachments other than emojis to express our feelings!

Are you excited about the new additions to Whatsapp? We are! Except for one, that is. (Hint: it’s the whole new level of blue ticks).

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