Gillian Chung Suffers Head Injury In China, Reportedly Required Stitches & To Stay In The Hospital For Observation


Gillian Chung, most famously known for her career as one half of the singing duo, Twins, was reported to be suffering from a head injury at Xiamen, China.

Image: Instagram (Gillian Chung)

The Hong Kong starlet is involved in a film project in China when the accident occurred.

According to a statement released by Emperor Entertainment Group, the accident happened at 2am today, 7 September, in Gillian Chung’s hotel room.

She is currently under observation at the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University.

It was also reported that Gillian Chung received stitches for her preliminary round of examination.

The exact cause of her injury is still unknown.

Gillian Chung immediately notified her best friend, Joey Chung, and her manager, Mani Fok, about her injury.

Image: Instagram (Joey Chung)

Upon receiving the news, the two took the first flight out from Beijing to Xiamen to render assistance to Gillian.

Had Wanted To Go Back To Work

Gillian Chung had wanted to return to work despite her injury.

According to NetEase Entertainment, she had a schedule at 6am for the film project.

It was the last day of her shoot and Chung did not want to be the cause of any delay for the crew of the film production.

However, the hospital had advised her to remain for observation.

Her manager, Mani Fok, was reportedly also against her continuing with her activities while suffering from a head injury.

Gillian Chung informed her family and company using Weibo that she is feeling fine.

Further examinations are required to determine the extent of the injuries sustained.

Update: Mani Fok provided further details on Gillian Chung’s injury.

The starlet had felt dizzy after waking up to use the washroom at 2am today, September 7.

She then fell in the washroom and hit her head against a marble counter, with injuries sustained near her right eyebrow.

Gillian Chung called her colleague thereafter, who then brought her to the hospital. The colleague also notified Joey Yueng and Mani Fok about the incident.

The two got the first flight out from Beijing to Xiamen after receiving this piece of news.

Other than a brain scan, the doctors conducted other medical checks on Gillian Chung as well. It was reported that Joey Chung was with the injured starlet throughout the entire process.

The injury Gillian Chung sustained from the fall was 6cm long and required 10 stiches.

Image: SCMP

After a discussion with her manager, Gillian Chung decided to get herself transferred to a specialist centre for further medical checks.

Mani Fok also mentioned that Gillian Chung is currently in a stable condition and thanked everyone for their concern towards her.

Gillian Chung

One half of popular Mandopop duo, Twins, Chung and Charlene Choi Tsoek-jin had come back together to perform after a brief split over the Edison Chen photo scandal back in 2008.

Chung and Choi were also rumoured to be starring opposite each other in a web drama “Female Forensic Scientist JD” (女法醫JD), according to reports at the beginning of the year.

The pair, together with the film crew who are not from Mainland China and fellow casts, had reportedly flown to Malaysia to film at a hospital in Selangor.

Chung also made headlines recently after a sudden split with her husband of less than two years, who claimed that she doesn’t love him.


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