Event at Gillman Barracks Was So Loud, HDB Residents Living Nearby Called the Police


Roughly 200 metres away from the residential buildings, there was an event that took place at Gillman Barracks over two days. Owing to the loud live music, more than 10 residents have made noise complaints, stating that their cabinets are rattling from the noise.

Some residents went out to avoid the noise while others called the police.

Event at Gillman Barracks Was So Loud, HDB Residents Living Nearby Called the Police

According to a 49-year-old resident, Mr Xu, who lives at Block 90B on Telok Blangah Street 31, there was an activity at the nearby Gillman Barracks last weekend, and the live music was extremely loud.

Reportedly, the activity was hosted by Heineken Asia Pacific.

Upon searching the November events happening in Singapore, it is more than likely that the residents were referring to The Great Guinness Grillout 2022 which promises an outdoor festival of flame-cooked dishes by barbeque joints, entertainment and live music.

The event took place on 5 to 6 Nov, from 3pm to 12am.

Mr Xu said that the event and residential building were separated by a “small forest”. Since they were living in an HDB building, they could hear the music loud and clear, to the point where it felt like his heart was beating to the rhythm of the music at times.

The lights were reflecting on residential buildings as well.

“The event started at a typical timing, but they started rehearsing in the morning. The weekends are our rest days too, but we couldn’t properly rest for two days. The children are studying for their A Levels, but they couldn’t concentrate on their revision. In truth, more than 10 people were complaining about the noise in the residents’ chat group.”

He also said that when the music became louder around 8pm in the evening, he called the police to complain.

For those two days, he and his family went out for their meals to escape the noise. However, the music was far too loud, reaching the point where the cabinets in the kitchen were vibrating and rattling.

When Shin Min Daily News reporters went down to the scene, they observed that they could clearly hear the music. Even when the residents closed their windows, it was still audible.

Another nearby resident stated that his children were rudely awoken from their afternoon nap too. He originally thought that the event would only last for a day, but he did not expect that it would start its rehearsals on Friday afternoon, one day before the actual event.

Similarly, he and his family went out of the house to escape the ruckus.

Suffice to say, this is probably not going to be the last event there, and the solution is still not found.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News 新明日报