Girl Who Was Called Ugly Marries Handsum Korean Guy, More Exciting Than Cinderella Story

Last Updated on 2017-05-27 , 4:20 pm

Whirlwind romances, love-at-first-sight…we are all secretly romantics at heart. Who wouldn’t want to experience a romance that sweeps you off your feet and gives you that fluttering feeling in your stomach like no other? 

Everyone deserves to love and to be loved. (Even if you’re not physically attractive.) Who says that only Cinderella gets to find her prince charming? 

A Better Love Story than Cinderella 


What do you do when your relationship is ridiculed due to your appearance? This Indonesian girl was laughed at by the people around her, just because she wasn’t pretty enough for her partner. But hey, they are happily married now, and this totally shows that their love was far stronger than the opinion of others.

Love shows up in places that you least expect it to be. This was certainly proven by Vera Nanda Putri, who found the love of her life in such an unpredictable time and place.

How It All Started

A little background for you: Vera was fascinated with Korean culture after watching the variety show Running Man.  Her fascination eventually led to a desire to learn the Korean language. In 2015, Vera traveled to South Korea and took up a language course at Seoul National University.

Her love story started in the following year, where she met a graphic designer named Jun. As feelings develop over time, the more they spent time together, mutual feelings started developing into intimate feelings. Before they knew it, they were deeply in love. 

Although, even with her definite feelings for Jun, Vera still had her doubts. She couldn’t grasp the thought that Jun could possibly be her potential future husband. She thought of how they were both from completely different cultural and religious backgrounds.

With these barriers, it was no doubt that she would be ridiculed by others. When sharing their relationship on social media and the public, their differences were highlighted over and over again. Now who wouldn’t be disheartened?


With love comes dedication and strength. They still remained positive about their relationship. Even more so, they decided to move on towards the next step in their relationship. 

A Happy Ending

Jun asked Vera’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage and was blessed by her father’s approval. Vera and Jun then traveled to Jakarta to formally meet her parents, where Jun made the official proposal.


They officially held their wedding ceremony on 28 February 2017. As for the cultural and religious differences between the two, they found a perfect middle ground where they unified both Minang and South Korean customs.

Sure, they did faced setbacks along the way. But they stood through the thick and thin, proving their love to each other. Eventually, they were able to achieve their happy ending as well.

You see, love knows no boundaries, not even religion, physical appearances or cultural backgrounds. Love is indeed a powerful thing that unites us all.

And Running Man is indeed a show that provides just laughs.

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