Girl Sues Parents for Taking All her Ang Pao Money Through the Years


Come come, welcome to another episode of drama-mama. Read the title? Now, let me give you a chance to guess where this story comes from.


It’s none other than… *drum rolls*


The young lady, known as Juan, who sued her parents is a university student from southwestern China’s Yunnan province. (I wonder where she gets the money to sue her parents in the first place though.)

Anyway, this incident happened in 2016, where Juan decided to take legal action on her parents after they refuse to pay her university tuition fees.


She claims that her parents had embezzled the Ang Bao money worth 58,000 yuan (S$12,092.87) given to her as gifts over the years.

And guess what? She won the lawsuit. The court ruled in her favor and ordered her parents to pay her 1,500 yuan (S$312.74) a month. As for the period of payment, this was not stated.

What netizens have to say

“To be honest, people gave us red packets because our parents were also giving them out, so it’s fair,” one said.

“Many parents think children are their own property, so of course they take the money as well,” another added.

Another comment that was liked more than 300 times, mentioned: “Try telling your mother that it is illegal for her to take your red packet money away. See whether she will scold you.”


Well, we all know that it’s a Chinese cultural thing for married people to give Ang Baos to children or to those who are not yet married.

So technically it is right for the court in Jinan, eastern China’s Shandong province, to say this:

“Giving red envelopes is an act of giving, and the receiver of the act is the child. All of the rights related to red packets are transferred to the child.”

While it is common for parents to hold onto the money on behalf of their children (like my parents did when I was younger), the ultimate receiver of the Ang Baos is still the child.

(Thanks, mum, and dad, for putting the money into my bank. But then again, it wasn’t a wise choice because I spent them all on food.)


But as a fair comment, in the position of an unmarried person, the Ang Bao money that we receive is in one way or another, our parents’ hard-earned money.

Since they gave out Ang Baos to our cousins, little cousins, friends, and extended families, we receive back this form of blessing from the older folks.

Sigh, there are a lot of other facts about Ang Baos and if you want to be a little wiser for CNY in 2019, watch this:

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Most importantly, if your parents have kept your Ang Bao money while you were younger and did not return them to you, just let bygones be bygones.


They are our parents after all.

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