People Getting More Confused in an Update of the Glenn Yong & Eleanor Lee Saga


The Glenn Yong and Eleanor Lee saga seemed like it ended as soon as it started, but a few shady captions and a change in a statement are saying otherwise.

If you’re not up to date with the saga, watch this to the end first:

Here’s the latest update on the dispute.

Glenn Yong Spoke About Harassment, Eleanor Quick to Label It Resolved

In March 2022, actor Glenn Yong, best known for his role in Ah Girls Go Army, spoke out about the harassment he had faced for many months prior.

While he didn’t explicitly name any names on his Instagram stories, there were records of Glenn Yong and Eleanor Lee—Quan Yifeng’s daughter and fellow actress—attending Case Management Sessions, with the case classified under the Protection from Harassment Act (POHA).

Naturally, the netizens connected the dots between the two and wondered if it was related.

On 8 August, Eleanor Lee posted a statement on her Instagram story, acknowledging that she is the antagonist in Yong’s story.

She simply stated that they have resolved their differences through the help of their lawyers and everything was just a “misunderstanding”. This matter has been concluded.

Image: Instagram (Eleanor Lee)

For more details on both of their statements, you can click here.

After Lee’s statement, everyone thought that this saga was over. But it seems like one small word made Yong pretty displeased…

Not A “Misunderstanding” After All?

After Lee posted her statement, Yong proceeded to post a photo of himself on 8 August with the caption: “nahh what misunderstanding”, which netizens picked up on quickly.

Image: Instagram (Glenn Yong)

Additionally, he also posted a statement that was nearly identical to the one Lee posted, but without “misunderstanding” in it.

Not gonna lie, that’s pretty shady.

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Lee Changed Statement

On the same day, Eleanor posted an edited statement on her Instagram story in the late afternoon.

The word “misunderstanding” was removed.

Image: Instagram (Eleanor Lee)

She also posted pictures of herself on 8 August, with the caption: “Sometimes when you can’t help someone with their career, they come after yours. But hey, life goes on and I have rehearsals to go to, brb!”

Image: Instagram (Eleanor Lee)

It should also be noted that on 7 August, she tweeted in Mandarin, “Because he doesn’t have your talents, he’ll keep trying to smother you while trying to stand above you.”

Image: Twitter (Eleanor Lee)

It seems like while the two are still unhappy with each other, they’re keeping it civil on the Internet and not letting the drama blow up.

To all the kaypoh netizens who want to know the full story, we probably won’t be getting it anytime soon.

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Featured Image: Instagram (@glennyhq & @eleanorleex)