Glenn Yong Hints That Harassment Case Isn’t Resolved With New IG Stories

The Glenn Yong vs Eleanor Lee saga appears to have ended as fast as it began.

If you’re not up to date with this latest saga, watch this video to the end first:

But alas: it didn’t seem to end, because today (11 August 2022), Glenn Yong posted cryptic posts again, this time appearing to hint that the saga is far from over.

Glenn Yong Hints That Harassment Case Isn’t Resolved With new IG Stories

Today, Glenn suddenly posted this IG Story:

Image: Instagram (@glennyqh)

In it, he implied that bots have been posting hate comments about him online.

Many of them criticised him and supported Eleanor.

And like what he mentioned, something does seem amiss: many of them appear to be foreigners (i.e. non-Chinese) but were typing in Chinese that are far better than you and me.

Image: Instagram (@glennyqh)

Truth to be told, even a three-year-old can tell that those are merely bots, whereby the purchaser would key in the words for them to post.

But could it just be a fan’s angry response to the entire saga?

It turns out that this is the kind of harassments he had gotten for the last 10 months.

Image: Instagram (@glennyqh)

Which implies that the so-called end-of-saga statements by both parties don’t seem to hold true now since the same harassment is still ongoing.

Not the First Hint That the Saga is Just Brewing

It all kind of started when Lee posted her first statement on 8 August, claiming that everything has been resolved, and that it was a misunderstanding:

Yong proceeded to post a photo of himself on the same day with the caption: “nahh what misunderstanding”, which netizens picked up on quickly.

Image: Instagram (Glenn Yong)

Additionally, he also posted a statement that was nearly identical to the one Lee posted, but without “misunderstanding” in it.

Not gonna lie, that’s pretty shady.

On the same day, Eleanor posted an edited statement on her Instagram story in the late afternoon.

The word “misunderstanding” was removed.

Image: Instagram (Eleanor Lee)

She also posted pictures of herself with the caption: “Sometimes when you can’t help someone with their career, they come after yours. But hey, life goes on and I have rehearsals to go to, brb!”

Image: Instagram (Eleanor Lee)

It should also be noted that on 7 August, she tweeted in Mandarin, “Because he doesn’t have your talents, he’ll keep trying to smother you while trying to stand above you.”

Image: Twitter (Eleanor Lee)

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