Felicia Chin Announces Her Engagement with Jeffrey Xu


On 29 July, Jeffrey Xu surprised Felicia Chin with a beautiful and romantic proposal at Night Safari, which was witnessed by family and friends.

For the two artistes, it feels like a matter of time.

They have been dating for the past seven years, and when Chin recently announced her decision to end her Mediacorp contract to work at a Chinese-language faith-based platform, she revealed that she and Xu were going through pre-marital counselling sessions.

The Proposal at Night Safari

Perhaps you might be asking, why the Night Safari of all places?

Apparently, the place holds some significance to Chin, since her childhood ambition was to become a zookeeper.

The couple were also animal lovers and went to the zoo for dates, said Xu.

Xu told CNA Lifestyle that he planned the proposal for two months.

Chin’s vacation in Vancouver provided him the ample time and space to focus on executing it without attracting any of her suspicion.

The most romantic revelation in the interview is perhaps the fact that he was ready to propose to Chin as far back as four to five years ago.

He admits that he prepared the ring a few years back, even going as far as divulging to the local media at one Star Awards ceremony that he already bought the ring.

Image: instagram.com (@iamfeliciachin & @jeffrey_xu)

The actress was aware of this too, and she told Xu not to show it to her.

The beautiful ring was designed and customised by David Gan, a celebrity hairstylist.

Xu envisioned a sapphire on the engagement ring because Xu was akin to “a precious gem in [his] life” and the centrepiece had to be surrounded by smaller diamonds because it would feel “kind of insincere” to propose without diamonds.

Chin’s Perspective of the Proposal

Personally, Chin thinks that the proposal was meticulously planned.

The actress shared that she received an invitation to a friend’s child’s birthday party at Night Safari a month before.

It’s a pretty good excuse too, because no one would suspect a child wanting to celebrate something at the zoo.


The weather has been pretty whack lately; on the day itself, it was raining heavily and Chin was feeling jet lagged and tired.

When Chin said that she might not be able to attend, Xu freaked out. She also noted that her boyfriend appeared really worried and tense.

“I was wondering why he was so angsty,” Chin said, before adding, “I kept telling him, ‘It’s okay! Drive slowly!’”

Madam, whether he can marry back a wife depends on this.

The proposal was supposed to be held outside with flowers, decorations and cake.


But because of the untimely rain, the Night Safari staff rushed to move everything inside a tent.

Image: instagram.com (@iamfeliciachin & @jeffrey_xu)

The proposal itself was magical; when Chin stepped into the tent, her eyes visibly lit up with amazement as she took in the elaborate decorations.

Serious kudos to the staff because the whole set-up is gorgeous.

There were stringed fairy lights along the wooden bridge leading to the tent, a collage of polaroid photos on a white backdrop, clusters upon clusters of pink roses intermingled with leaves and plants, and a candle chandelier.

Someone give them an award for professionalism because rearranging everything in an indoor venue in a short period of time is incredible.

Image: instagram.com (@iamfeliciachin & @jeffrey_xu)

After putting aside their umbrellas, Xu handed Chin an iPad so they could watch a video about the different places that were special to them.


Of course, the picture that they took in a café at Bukit Timah that resembled Paris was also featured in the video, as it was this shared vision of happily taking pictures together in front of the Eiffel Tower that brought them together.

In a show of genuine affection and devotion, Xu read a three-page letter to share all the words he had saved for that momentous occasion.

Image: instagram.com (@iamfeliciachin & @jeffrey_xu)

There were tears. Chin swears her boyfriend was crying harder than she was.

Besides the mutual affirmation of their love for each other, the newly engaged couple were happy to share the night with the people that have “really helped” them in their relationship. Whether it was the people who always had faith in them and helped them at the lowest points of their relationship, or offered well-meaning and heart-felt advice, they were in attendance.

It has to be said that Jeffery Xu and Felicia Chin have usually kept the details of their relationship under wraps. They feel compelled to share this wonderful news though.


Chin recalls that the end of 2019 had been a challenging time for their relationship and they “really struggled”.

Fortunately, they had a mentor who encouraged them through the tough times.

When Chin saw her coming forward to congratulate them, she was very moved, because the couple might not be having this piece of happiness without her being in their lives.

Image: instagram.com (@iamfeliciachin & @jeffrey_xu)
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Why Now?

When Xu was asked why he felt that this was the perfect time to propose, he stated that this year has been significant to the both of them.

Both of them won a Star Awards award this year. His girlfriend was moving onto a new stage in her career, one that she had been considering for a long time and believed she would find the meaning of life in its pursuit.

There was a two-month period for him to prepare.

“I think things fell into place,” Xu said.

It is a very special stage in life where he reckons their communication, growth as a couple, and understanding of each other, have become much better. The foundations have stabilised and it felt right for them to proceed to the next step of their lives.


Although they don’t have any concrete plans for their wedding yet, elopement is probably out of the books.

Like the proposal, they want that special day to be witnessed by their family.

They don’t feel the need to rush either.

“I think every couple has their own journey,” said Chin. “We are always very thankful that everyone shows us so much care and concern, and even though it’s a private matter, we also want to share this part of our lives with you.”

Happy engagement!

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