Gong Cha Teases Fans With ‘Menu’ And Even Sponsored It On Facebook


I had an internal turmoil when I’m tasked to write about this.

Because I’m a KOI fan. Sorry, Gong Cha. The feelings aren’t that strong at the moment.

Not as strong as this.

So after all the big hoo-ha on Gong Cha closing down, with the Straits Times claiming the “end of an era” for the Taiwanese bubble tea brand on 4 June…

They are back again. Or at least in the midst of preparation.

On 4 August, in a Facebook Media Release, Gong Cha announced their brand’s relaunch and expansion in the Singapore.

For those who aren’t aware, the franchise will be headed by Mr Kang Puay Seng, who is the founder of Mr Bean, the soy milk brand. He expanded the business to nearly 70 stores, even entering into overseas markets, before selling the business.

What if he ends up selling Gong Cha? #justcurious

Furthermore, it was stated that they will be “finalizing the locations of the outlets in the coming weeks.”

That was 4 August, so fast forward to today, it has been a few weeks and I’m sure they are almost ready for the relaunch.

Because Gong Cha Singapore Facebook Page became active again

Here’s their latest post on Facebook which has garnered over 900 likes, 100 shares and over 500 comments. (Information accurate as of 25 August)

Image: Gong Cha Singapore Facebook Page

And they even boosted their post. In Facebook speak, that’s like saying, we’re playing for keeps.

A super fan even took the initiative to take part in their marketing for new ideas.

Image: Gong Cha Singapore Facebook Page

Such enthusiasm. I applaud all you Gong Cha fans out there.

Image: media.giphy.com

I wonder what’s going to happen at the official reopening of their ‘first’store in Singapore?

Another queue like this?

Image: stomp.straitstimes.com

Very likely.

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Feature Image: Gong Cha Singapore Facebook Page


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