Gong Cha Will Be Gone in June and be Rebranded as LiHo. Here Are 8 Facts About This ‘Change’


Bubble tea has played a huge role in many Singaporean’s lives, and among the major brands in Singapore, Gong Cha has become one of the more sought-after bubble tea establishments in Singapore. However, just today, news broke out that Gong Cha is going to be renamed as LiHo, and that the changes will be in place by June this year.

So, you must be wondering – why the sudden change of name and why the name Li Ho?

Well, here’s what you need to know.

1. The owner was ‘betrayed’ per say

Mr Rodney Tang, the found of RTG holdings which Gong Cha is under, was ‘surprised’ with a huge change in the business strategy by Gong Cha’s parent company in Taiwan. The parent company, Royal Tea Taiwan, was sold to Gong Cha Korea without Mr Tang’s notice.

2. He wanted to strike it out on his own

The change in management also led to the new terms being more restrictive – with terms and conditions which affected his ability to manage the other brands under RTG holdings. This motivated Mr Tang to strike it out and create his very own home brand further.

3. Why the name ‘Li Ho’?

Image: foodinsing.com

Li Ho, which means “How are you” in Hokkien, aims to establish the drink store as a Singaporean brand. 

4. There’s going to be quite a number of changes

From changing the suppliers of the tea and raw ingredients used to the preparation methods, Li Ho is going to undergo quite a number of changes in its latest rebranding efforts. This would also mean a change of logo and menu.

5. But not all changes are bad!

However, in other to keep up with the competitive market, Li Ho will also be introducing cheese teas and smoothies. Wah, interesting much!


6. The staff were initially uneasy about the changes

Granted, Mr Tang shared that his staff were initially unhappy and felt uneasy about the ideas. However, after persuading them, they’re now ‘fighting’ with him in his new re-branding battle.

7. He has hopes of taking the brand global

With over 80 stores in Singapore, Mr Tang has plans to take the Li Ho brand global to countries like Hong Kong, Korea, mainland China and maybe even the United States and Canada.

8. He is very excited about what’s to come

Even though the road ahead might be filled with doubts and obstacles, Mr Tang is still very excited about what’s yet to come.  According to his interview with The Straits Times, he said, “And at least for the first time in many years, I am excited about having something to achieve. I am confident that we have a chance to succeed in this space.”

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Featured Image: jcube.com.sg & foodinsing.com

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