This Google Doc Lets S’pore Uni Students Find Blind Date & It’s Real


All the single guys and gals, worrying about the upcoming Valentine’s Day? Do you need a date so you won’t end up crying at home with a tub of ice cream, watching Netflix through the night?

Fret not, there’s an easy matchmaking/blind date service right now! (only for Singapore uni students, i.e. students of NUS, NTU, SMU, SIM and SUTD. If you don’t belong to any of those, good luck)

This service is as easy as it gets. Just fill in a Google docs form, and wait for whichever kind soul it is behind this initiative to email you your blind date’s contact. Then afterwards, it’s all up to you. Hopefully you won’t botch the date up even before the actual day itself (we all know why you’ll end up alone at home without this service).

In order to maximise your chances for second and third dates, the form asks simple questions about yourself to match you with potentially better partners. For example, the form asks you if you prefer men or women. This is one of their easier questions, so you should have no problem answering.

Other questions ask about your hobbies, pet peeves, and your ideal match, but, you know, all the good ones are probably taken (they always are. Sigh. Am I not good enough??).


One more thing: the last day of submission for this form happens to be tomorrow, on the 7th of February, to give you a week to contact your date. Also probably to stalk him/her on every single social media platform. A word of warning: try not to sound too creepy by mentioning your date’s dog’s favourite brand of pet food before they even talk about pets.

The link is here. Remember, the deadline is tomorrow, 07 Feb 2017, so if you die die must have date, don’t wait too long!

Unfortunately, since I have yet to matriculate, I can’t exactly make use of this form. And my boss says I can’t put my phone number in an article. So please excuse me, I have to go buy some ice cream.

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