Google Flights is Now in S’pore, Which Means Cheaper Flights for S’poreans

If you’re Singaporean, you will know one thing:

We’re on the constant lookout for good ol’ bargains.

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But while the country’s chock full of discount apps for all sorts of things from food to accommodations to game consoles, there’s one thing that’s sorely lacking:

Flight discounts.

Sure, Scoot and Jetstar do launch their own promotional sales periodically. And for those eager for discounts as a whole, there’s always Expedia or Cheapflights to provide that comparative analysis you do desperately need. But still…

Where’s that comprehensive guide, ala an online air-flight Siri, that determines the best course of action for you?

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Well, if you’re one of those in need of one, I’m glad to inform you that…

Google Flights is that one guide, and it’s now fully available for your perusal.

Google Flights

Lest you’re unaware (which I highly doubt), Google functions primarily as a search bar, in which you key in each and every one of your queries.

Google, please teach me how to get a girlfriend.

Google, are you single?

Google, if I don’t help that blind man cross the road will I burn in Hell?

But it seems that like everything else, Google is constantly changing, and its latest move is to edge its way into the flight discount sector…into Singapore, as this feature has been in other countries in the last six million years.

And boy, I never knew I needed it so much.

Now, Google Flights might look pretty simple on the surface, in the sense that you just have to key in whatever details you so desire…

Image: Google

And the best flights will be reflected in your search.

Image: Google Flights

But hey, if you’re wondering why this feature’s so hyped when there’re like so many other comparative websites out there, check this out.

Google Flights, the best thing since sliced bread

For one, it’s not just your routine comparative basis, as Google Flights allows users to compare flight options based off a number of criteria:

  • Preferred dates
  • Price point
  • Airlines
  • Connecting airports
  • Alternate airports

Additionally, when selecting departure and return dates, Google Flights will also proffer users tips on how to discover the best prices for a particular route (which will be prompted in a notifications bar).

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And wait; I’m not done. For the indecisive (like me), Google has done us all a huge favor by incorporating this golden option:

The ability to track a flight and receive email notifications to watch price changes and travel tips.

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And the feature itself is pretty slick too

If you’re a big fan of Instagram, you’ll be glad to know that Google Flights will sport an Explore section that will offer ideas on where to go, based off popular destinations or activities you’re interested in.

Image: Google

“If you want to get away for a holiday next month just choose ‘January’ and a trip duration like ‘2 weeks’ to see the dates with the lowest prices to visit each place,” Google said.


So what’re you waiting for?

If you love to travel, but constantly find yourself peppered by dilemmas and whatnot, you know who to approach.

Image: Google

And here’s a trick. Instead of having to key in ‘Google Flights’ in the search bar, you just have to type “Flights to …” and a table will pop up.

Image: Google

Convenient? Convenient.

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