Confirmed: Sri Lanka President Gotabaya Rajapaksa Has Entered S’pore on a ‘Private Visit’


Well, it’s confirmed: Sri Lanka President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is now in Singapore.

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rajapaksa has been allowed entry into Singapore on a private visit. He has not asked for asylum and neither has he been granted any asylum. Singapore generally does not grant requests for asylum.

However, instead of arriving in Singapore via the scheduled Singapore Airlines flight in the morning, or a private plane that he later chose, he reportedly took a Saudia flight which touched down at Changi Airport at 7.17pm this evening.

Sri Lankans can enter Singapore without a visa for trips shorter than 30 days

He had been in Maldives after he was reportedly being blocked from leaving his own country by his own immigration staff.

The police added, “Police ask that the public, Singaporeans, residents, work pass holders and social visitors alike, abide by our local laws. Action will be taken against anyone participating in a public assembly that is illegal.”

Over in Maldives, some Maldivians had protested, urging their government to send Rajapaksa back to Sri Lanka.

What Happened

The island country in South Asia is currently in its worst economic crisis, and people aren’t happy with the Government— in particular, its president, 73-year-old Gotabaya Rajapaksa. The crisis has been ongoing since 2019, and it got worse due to COVID-19.

There had been protests in the country, but shit finally hit the fan last week when protestors managed to break into government buildings and even into Rajapaksa’s residence.

He fled his official residence and last weekend, he said that he was going to resign.

It was reported that once he was in Singapore, he would officially send in his resignation.

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Featured Image: Nikkei Asia