Grab & Taxi Drivers Can Now Officially Put a ‘CCTV’ in Vehicle: 6 Topics S’poreans Are Talking About Today (10 Apr)

Have a history of being rude to drivers? And you love provoking them, then filming the aftermath and putting it online?


Now you cannot do that liao.

Here are 6 topics Singaporeans are talking about today, including an exciting video of a Singaporean man bullying a small kid at Northpoint.

Oh, you’re welcome! 😉

Taxi & Private-Hire Drivers Now Allowed To Put CCTV in Vehicles

Taxi and private-hire drivers are now allowed to put an inward-facing camera (a.k.a CCTV) within their vehicles.


On 9 Apr, the new rules kicked in to help these drivers deal with nasty people and those who tried to run without paying.

Of course, these vehicles will need to put up a sign informing passengers about the cameras.

You can read about the new guidelines here.

And if you’re not happy with the camera? The transport company only has one thing to say: Don’t take lor.

Kidding, you can request for the video to be deleted (just read the guidelines).

This, they say, is to protect the welfare of drivers. About time, eh?

Now here’s the interesting part: drivers can’t post these videos on social media.

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So don’t worry about saying how fat your boss is in a taxi only to have it go viral on Facebook.

First Changi Airport, Now S’pore Airlines No. 1 Airline In The World

First, Changi Airport was voted the number 1 airport in the entire world for 2018.

Now, Singapore Airlines (SIA) followed in its footsteps by becoming the number 1 airline in the world.

Image : Meme Generator

In a report by Channel Newsasia, SIA was named the number one airline by travel site TripAdvisor.

They’re first as a first class and economy carrier.


So don’t upgrade your seats to premium, because economy is where they’re the best at. Unless you’re able to go up to first class lah.

Qatar Airways is voted as the best business class carrier, while Air New Zealand is ranked the highest for premium economy class.

The winners are decided upon by an algorithm that measures the quantity and quality of airline reviews and ratings submitted by travellers worldwide.

Shooter Martina Veloso Wins S’pore First Gold Medal In Commonwealth Games 2018


Ladies and gentlemen, Singapore has a new national hero. Or in this case, a heroine.

Singapore Shooter, Martina Veloso got Singapore its first gold medal in the Commonwealth Games 2018 in the 10m Women Air Rifle event.

And that’s not all.

Finishing off the competition with a score of 247.2, she set a new Games record together with India’s Mehuli Ghosh.

Plus she won a gold medal at the same event in Kuala Lumpur SEA Games last year.

All that at just 18 years old.


Can’t help but look forward to her future achievements, no?

Shanghai Dolly To Close Its Doors For Good On 14 Apr

Are you familiar with the nightclub, Shanghai Dolly?


If you’ve hung out there in your youth, then you’ll be crying when you hear this.

They’re closing down for good on 14 Apr 2018, this Saturday.

Gordon Foo, managing director of the nightclub said that they have seen a drastic decrease in sales ever since the shortening of liquor licensing hours was imposed back in 2013.

Previously allowed to sell alcohol until 6 am, it was shortened to 3 am on Sundays and weekdays, and 4 am on Saturdays and eve of public holidays.

S’pore Man Caught on CCTV Hitting A Kid at Sunshine Children Playground

No matter what you do in Singapore, you need to remember that there are always cameras around.

Especially at a playground in a shopping mall.

On 9 Apr, Ow May Chen uploaded a video on her Facebook account.

The incident allegedly happened at Northpoint playground.

Dexter (her 5-year-old) son was seen going into the playground alone. He attempted to take the spade from the man but was pushed away.

The man was then seen throwing the plastic spade past the boy’s face.

When she confronted the man, he denied ever touching the boy.

You can watch the full video here.

Netizens are divided on this video, with some saying that the boy shows what bad parenting is all about

And others saying that the man is a f***ing p***y

What do you think?

Maid Should Have OT Pay And 1 Compulsory Day Off Per Month


Since we were talking about foreign workers yesterday, we thought it’ll be interesting to add in a commentary on another group of foreign workers in Singapore.

Foreign domestic workers (FDW), a.k.a maids.

Nobody accuses them of having a great life in Singapore. I mean, just look at this maid’s schedule.


Can more be done for them?

This associate professor of sociology and public policy at Yale-NUS College, Anju Mary Paul, seems to think so.

She highlighted that when maids first come to Singapore and have a huge debt to pay off, they have no choice but to obey employers when it comes to having day-off or getting paid OT.


About 58% of maids were not paid for working on their rest days.

Many of them are given “no-rest-days” contracts upon arrival. And agencies have been known to not place maids who asked for weekly day-off.

She cited the Employment Act and asked for maids to be treated the same as other Singaporean employees.

If they have to work on their off-days, they should have double pay. So $40 instead of $20.

Plus, the government must put in a law that forces employers to give maids one compulsory day-off per month.

The key, she said, is to recognise this group of workers as more vulnerable, and implement regulations that’ll help protect them.

So, what do you think?

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