Men in GrabFood & Deliveroo Uniform Caught on Camera ‘Stealing’ Toys from Claw Machine


The criminals you usually see on TV shows and films are highly intelligent beings who manage to outsmart the police at every step, ultimately losing at the end due to their own hubris.

But this is real life, and criminals aren’t as sophisticated.

Or smart.

Men in GrabFood & Deliveroo Uniform Caught on Camera ‘Stealing’ Toys from Claw Machine

A 13-minute long video that shows three men stealing toys from a claw machine has been circulating on social media.

According to Mothership, the CCTV footage was posted to Facebook, showing the three men examining the claw machines, which are situated near a coffee shop at Blk 328 Clementi Ave 2.

The incident occurred on 13 Feb at around 2:30am.

In the video, the three men repeatedly shake and tilt the two claw machines, before retrieving the fallen toys and stashing them in their motorcycles nearby.

Image: Facebook (Claw Village)

But the dumbest thing about it? Two were food delivery riders who were wearing their GrabFood and Deliveroo uniforms. 

Image: Facebook (Claw Village)
Image: Giphy

Some thieves steal money or jewels, but these guys risked imprisonment to get their hands on a fluffy Pikachu.

Why? No one knows. Maybe they’ve not bought anything for their baes for Valentine’s Day and this was their last resort.

No Police Report

According to Shin Min Daily News, a woman named Chen, who is reportedly a partner of the shop that owns the claw machines, said that the men stole more than 10 toys from the machines.

That’s it? Just 10?

Three of the toys are worth S$10, and the mini figurines are worth around S$5 each, reported Stomp.

Chen discovered the incident after the coffee shop’s boss called to inform her that the number of toys in the machine had greatly diminished overnight. She later checked the CCTV footage.

Surprisingly, the company has not lodged a police report yet.


Ms Chen said, “The company has not decided on what action to take, whether to locate the men and request that they return the stolen toys, or to lodge a complaint with the food delivery company directly.”

The company is also discussing other measures to ensure such incidents do not occur in the future, such as installing the claw machines in a fixed position.

It’s a great shame that we live in a world where a goddamn machine full of soft tiny toys has to be affixed to the ground because grown men would try to steal these toys otherwise.