GrabHitch Driver Immediately Cancelled Ride After Realizing Passenger is a Guy, Not a Girl


You Know GrabHitch? No? Here’s a brief introduction: GrabHitch drivers are carpool drivers; so basically, if a GrabHitch driver needs to go, say, Bukit Batok for a meeting tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. from Tampines, and you, a normal rider who wants to go to Bukit Batok for your driving lesson tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. and you live in Tampines, it’s a match: he takes some money from you, you save from taxi or normal Grab ride (GrabHitch is cheaper) and both of you win.

So for those of you who’re thinking that you can get hitched by grabbing, you’re wrong.

And here’ what Grab has to say about GrabHitch.


Make new friends, yes. Not a new girlfriend, guys.

But apparently, someone else decided to take that to a whole new level: by accepting only friends that, well, could potentially be someone else.

On 13 June 2017, Facebook user Terin Neo had a match with a GrabHitch driver. To facilitate the pick-up, they had a short conversation. Like, real short.

Image: Facebook (Terin Neo)

And four minutes later…


Here’s what was alleged: the driver, upon knowing that it’s a lone guy, decided to cancel the trip immediately (or after thinking really hard for four minutes).

Of course, you could be thinking that the driver is a female, and isn’t comfortable being alone with a guy. Here’s Terin’s answer.

Image: Facebook (Terin Neo)

And to be fair, Terin isn’t exactly a common name in Singapore. If you Google the name, you’ll realise you see more females than males.

Terin has since written to Grab.

Here’s Terin’s post in full:

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Featured Image: Facebook (Terin Neo)

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